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for Sending Messages
to Dead Friends & Relatives!

Wait... Wait... Wait...

With all due respect to the beliefs of EVERY RELIGION...

...many of us will acknowledge that nobody can really know FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAIN what happens to us when we die.

So... if it is POSSIBLE that our loved ones are in HEAVEN, or any other utopian paradise where everything is perfectly perfect... then it's POSSIBLE such a perfect paradise (Heaven?) would include Super-Fast WI-Fi, right? (It's POSSIBLE!)

So... how can we justify NOT using a site like! (to update them on how we're doing? to let them know we're thinking of them? to remind them we still love them and miss them?)

Just imagine them up there, hoping to hear from you, and NOT getting a message from you... Just because you didn't want to spend A DOLLAR?!?
P.S. We've even made it FREE for a limited time!

Simple Instructions:

1) Select a date/time below to indicate where your message will appear on THE OFFICIAL / CALENDAR OF MESSAGES.
[NOTE: Some people may find it comforting to post their message on a particularly meaningful date (birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines' Day, Christmas, etc.) but that's optional... Today or tomorrow works just fine!]

2) Write your Message!**
**Important: Please be aware that messages are PUBLIC and can be viewed by ANYONE - alive or dead, on Earth, in Heaven, or anywhere else in the known or unknown universe(s)... Powered by
(of Minutes, Moments, Memories, Messages, and More!)

Heaven's Internet Speed - HOW FAST *MIGHT* IT BE?

[Editor's Note: You've probably heard of "GIG-SPEED INTERNET" - which is roughly the fastest speeds currently available to most Americans.] Well... 

1000x faster than gig-speed is terrabyte-speed...
1000x faster than THAT is petabyte-speed...
1000x faster than THAT is exabyte-speed...
1000x faster than THAT is zettabyte-speed...
1000x faster than THAT is yottabyte-speed...
1000x faster than THAT is brontobyte-speed...

So, yeah, our best guess is:

So, yeah, we should ALL be sending MESSAGES TO BEYOND!!! ORIGIN STORY: A Conversation with My MOM 

It was cold. It was rainy. Yet my mom was still standing out there, at the cemetery, talking to her parents, updating them on what was new in the lives of all their grandkids. Later that night (after giving her plenty of time to dry off and warm up), I had many questions!

To summarize the ensuing conversation: She explained that, while she wasn't sure exactly what she believed happens after you die, it gave her some comfort to talk to them; and she hoped, that in some form or another (their spirits? their souls? whatever it might be), that they were there listening as she told them about our lives and how much everyone missed them.

To summarize my response: Regardless of what anyone believes happens to us after we die - (angels, ghosts, spirits, souls, heaven, whatever), wouldn't it be the worst possible scenario if they/we (as angels, spirits, souls, whatever) were destined to spend the rest of eternity, in the exact spot where the body is buried - a cold/rainy cemetery/graveyard?!?  I'd like to think our friends/relatives (their spirits/souls/whatever) are able to roam/float freely wherever they choose - OR - that they're happily up in HEAVEN!

Speaking of HEAVEN... every time I heard this song, it was my reminder not to forget about this whole "Messages To Beyond" concept I'd been sitting on / procrastinating for YEARS... So if I ever do launch this site (if you're reading these words?), it's due in part to this guy / this song:

HEAVEN - By Kane Brown
"Everbody's talkin' 'bout HEAVEN like they just can't wait to go, sayin' how it's gonna be so good, so beautiful...


Sooo, as many people do, let's assume that good people go to heaven - some perfect utopian paradise, with everything you could ever want - which, for many of us, would include: pizza or sushi or ice cream... and puppies or golf courses or BRONTOBYTE-SPEED INTERNET!?!?



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