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Coming Soon: Projects & Programs, Contests & Competitions... Marketing WHATEVER!

NOTE FROM JEFF: I am VERY excited about the potential for many of our programs... HOWEVER, I know myself well enough to know that I am NOT the right person to actually IMPLEMENT & MANAGE the logistics. So... 

A) First and foremost, we are looking for PARTNERS (individuals - or existing companies!) to actually manage one (or more) of our various programs (Marketing Whatever, Viral Whatever, and/or Startup Whatever programs)...

B) We will (then) be looking for PARTICIPANTS for all programs - but feel free to express interest now and request to be notified when programs are launched! 

Please contact us to discuss any of the following:

NOTE 1: Many of these are MUCH simpler than they appear - and will just take some good organizational skills!  
NOTE 2: And some of them - after we prove the model / value proposition (by marketing our own "Whatever Network" stuff) - could potentially evolve into into full-fledged startups themselves! #StartupsWithinStartups 

(more details soon, but below is a simple overview of this simple program)

Many people like FREE STUFF!
Many companies (particularly startups) are looking for: 
 A) honest FEEDBACK (both positive and negative) on their new products
 B) ways to INFORM people about their new products/services/updates/offers/etc. without being annoying or spammy.

#MarketingHonesty #MarketingTransparency #MarketingWhatever #FreeIfYouAgree

This simple program will allow people to receive stuff for FREE (products, services, content, memberships, samples, etc.) - IF YOU AGREE to a few simple (honest/transparent!) things...

Potential Examples:

1A) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide us with honest and private feedback (positive or negative).

1B) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide negative feedback to us (privately!) and to share positive feedback on social media (publicly!)

1C) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to simply let us tell you about our other products/services/offers/etc. in the future - by signing up for our email newsletter, following us on social media, etc. (Details TBD)

Intrigued? Contact us to discuss!

A Simple "Brand Ambassador" Program? (Selective)

NOW: Looking for a (part-time) Program Manager to implement/manage this. 
SOON: Open to any of our fans/customers (past/present/future) to participate.

STEP 1: Apply and convince us how you can help us spread the word about our (whatever)... Hard work and hustle? Digital Marketing experience? Your big social media presence? 

STEP 2: If selected, we create a custom promo code for you (ex: B9wg42j or FriendOfAlex-20) for you to promote to give 20% OFF to your friends (or anyone your code reaches).

STEP 3: You get paid based on A) the number of times your code is used AND B) based on the total dollars spent by those using your code...

Contact us to let us know why you'd be great at this.

(NOTE: The program above is highly selective. HOWEVER, a very similar "starter program", is open to almost everyone)

A Simple "FREE STUFF FOR FANS" Referral Program? (Open to ANY past/present/future customers)

  1. Every order shipped with a card explaining details (also in email confirmations?)
  2. We create a custom promo code for you (ex: FriendOfAlex-20) for you to give your friends 20% off on any of our (whatever)...
  3. You post on social media about your purchase and share your promo code...
  4. After thirty (30) days, here's what happens:
    - if 1 person placed an order with your code, we refund you 25% of whatever you paid!
    - if 2 people placed orders with your code, we refund you 50% of whatever you paid!
    - if 3 people placed orders with your code, we refund you 75% of whatever you paid!
    - if 4 people placed orders with your code, we refund you 100%  - making your order FREE!
    - if 5+ people placed orders with your code, not only do you get that 100% refund, but we're probably also going to want to talk to you about paying you to join our Marketing Team!!! DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM:

A) NOW: Looking for a (part-time) Program Manager to implement/run this program
B) SOON: Looking for experienced Digital Marketing to participate
  • Pick your Product(s)
  • Provide your Plan
  • Market it for a Month.
  • Receive your *percentage of profits* from that month (plus additional 30 days!)

    * A) 25% of the profits if WE provide you with a marketing budget
    * B) 50% of the profits if there is NO marketing budget (i.e. marketing channels are strategic, no-cost, hustle/grind, guerrilla tactics)  
    * C) 75% of the profits if you're betting on yourself and YOU are contributing the "buy-in" marketing budget

  • SINGLE PRODUCT? You are the one and only person marketing a selected product for 30 days (or TBD period) - so all sales are credited to you (whether they should be or not, whether a promo code is used or not, etc.)
    - or - 
  • ALL PRODUCTS? You'll get issued a unique (trackable) promo code ("Use code: 'Jenny20' good for 20% off on any/all "Whatever Network" products you want to market!)

Please contact us to discuss participating - and/or helping us RUN the program!

Marketing Hackathons and/or Startup Hackathons

I've always been amazed by the quality and quantity of work that gets done during Startup Weekends and Hackathons - which is part of why I'm so excited about the potential of The S.W.A.N. Startup idea (Sacrificing Weekends And Nights)... 

I am basically looking for someone to RUN miniature versions of Startup Weekends and/or Hackathons with us - ideally someone who has done this before!? (OR, an existing collegiate Entrepreneurship and/or Marketing program/organization that wants to work with us - you would provide the program logistics, we would provide the content/products/startups, program goals/structure, guidance/mentorship, etc.) 

VERSION 1: Hackathons (to market existing "Whatever Network" products, websites, etc.)
VERSION 2: Hackathons (to create/launch some of the Whatever Network's "Starter Startups")

A) NOW: Looking for a (part-time) Program Manager to implement/run this program
B) SOON: Looking for interested participants!

Please contact us to discuss these - AND MORE!

WANTED: Cross-Promotion Coordinator

The Whatever Network will be able to sell everything at significant discounts if/when we have our strategies and logistics in place to benefit from the cross-promotional network effect...  

[Example: EVERY delivery of something from the Whatever Network will contain information, discount codes, and even free samples of stuff from all OTHER Whatever Network sites]

Please contact us to discuss if you are interested/intrigued by ANYTHING on this page!