Notes to Self: Programs (No Experience? No Problem!)

ENTIRE PROGRAMS BUILT AROUND "FREE TRIALS" and/or "COMMUNITY LEARNING" (Everyone learning the same thing at same time and/or learning different pieces and then collaborating)


Shopify is FREE for 14 days and that's plenty of time to become AN EXPERT - if you put the time in - via these FREE resources:

MailChimp is FREE for your first 2000 users and all the training you need to become an EXPERT is FREE - if you put the time in...

Getting Started Guide:

MailChimp Academy:

Social Media Manager via HootSuite - All the training you need is FREE if you put in a day or 2 to learn it:

Facebook/Instagram provides a ton of FREE online guides and classes - to become a pro at advertising on Facebook AND INSTAGRAM - if you're willing to put the time in:

We'll stop there for now but, please trust us, you can learn almost ANYTHING you want if you put the time in!!



Working with any normal company, you're NOT going to get full access to work with REAL products and REAL social media accounts... fortunately, we are NOT a NORMAL company... One of the biggest reasons that we have 1000+ Products and ~100 social accounts is so our program participants (and future partners!) can be LEARNING while LAUNCHING... 

EXAMPLE: Oh, you want to get experience running a business Twitter account?
Normal Company: "Sorry, we can't just give you access to our company Twitter account!"
Us: "Cool, let's talk about which one of these are these might be a good fit for you:

Product Baskets by Product Type (and very high-level overview of some focus areas -- much more to come) / / (Re-Launching the original Rejection Hotline &

1a) Re-Launch the original RH
1b) HH + Pick your content, pick your business model + optional Projects like TuneCore and TikTok - ReThinking Tshirts??

2) Tshirts - focus on 1 person's costs and roles vs. a TEAM!
+ products as content as social marketing - a funny shirt IS the content (and the marketing... and the product!)
And as fantasy/follow-along / profit pickles? 

3a) Wristbands - now we add in physical products and shipping logistics. Pros/cons... Con: somebody needs to do it. Pro: opportunity to do product sampling FOR FREE!

3b) Pennies - similar to above in that we order in bulk from a provider and then so shipping ourselves - ReThinking "Business Cards" as a new Content Canvas?

4) Cards, - adds in multiple pricing options (1 card vs 50 vs 100), all the same, vs. variety packs, high quality vs. low quality, and SUBSCRIPTIONS??

4b) Stickers - monthly contest? Tournament? Also ALL cards might as well be a sticker product too, right?

ReThinking... Whatever?!?

5) CFW - what can we change/improve on by simply adding a sticker or instructions card or packaging with new name, instructions, purpose, etc. (and!?)

6) Digital Products intended to go viral... pros: viral potential... cons: viral potential can be scary/stressful too... all of a sudden a service provider shuts you down (because unlimited didn't REALLY mean unlimited? ask about Rejection Hotline server crash stories!)... or, what if something goes super-viral, then breaks, and you have 47,000 people angry about something?!? or need to refund money? or re-enter data on another platform? if not set up correctly and you need to do it manually, you're screwed!!
ALT: Add-on items (certificates- lets discuss)

Collaborative Competitions? (

Specifically for Head-to-Head A-B-ConTESTS, for example: vs. vs. vs.
(many, MANY more!) vs.

7) Programs? Workshops? Online Courses? Ebook? (Using Lean Startup as a model?) -- all of the above as a product? AS CONTENT? 
8) All of the above followed, filmed, blogged about, etc. for micro or macro content (snippets? weekly progress/update shows? documentary on what worked, what didn't, and how we changed the game and/or created MULTIPLE million-dollar products?)
9) Profit Pickles for all of the above? People can follow along, watch, learn, but also have some financial rooting interest by claiming "Profit Pickles" (1% of 1 Product's Profits for 1 Month) - like Fantasy Sports? And, either they sit back and watch and collect their Venmo payment at month's end OR they are actually incentivized to do some PR, Marketing, Promotion for their products!!!

brain dumb:





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