GET PAID to do:

Random Jobs of Kindness


What?! Why?!

Money motivates people to do many BAD things (lying, cheating, stealing, and worse!)...Why can't we use money as motivation for GOOD things?

Job Listings:

Job #1

 We pay you $100 to do (RANDOM) ACTS OF KINDNESS! .

Job #2

We pay you $100. Your job is to spend another $100 (that we give you) to buy things for strangers (coffee? groceries? etc.). 

Job #3

We pay you $100. Your job is to just give away another $100 (that we give you) to people you observe doing their job with exceptional pride, extraordinary patience, or an extremely positive attitude. It could be a cashier, a janitor, a crossing guard, a waiter - whoever you feel deserves it!!!

Job #4

We pay you $100. Your job is to give away another $100 (that we give you) to people you observe who are simply being nice, polite, and/or doing small acts of kindness for others

Job #5 

Get paid to hand out FREE UMBRELLAS on rainy days - through our sister-site: 

Job #6 

Wildcard! - Tell us what we should pay you to do! 

Note 1: We eventually hope to be hiring for MANY MORE jobs like this - and to find corporate sponsors to allow us to increase both the quantity of jobs and the monetary details of each!

Note 2: Each job will reacquire you to write a brief recap of what you do (could be as short as a single sentence), both for our records and also to help encourage the movement on social media

Note 3: You'll be given notes/cards to hand out with each act to explain what you're doing

  1. So Nobody Thinks You're Crazy or Questions your Motives
  2. To Help Publicize The Movement

The Application Process

1) Go DO a (Random) Act of Kindness.

2) Use the form below and TELL US ABOUT IT (in the message/comment section)

Message sent, thanks!