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Get Over It Day!

As seen on Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and more! - March 9th is GET OVER IT DAY!
GET OVER IT DAY® is March 9th (intentionally the exact midpoint between Valentine's Day & April Fools Day). It was conceived 10+ years ago by an Atlanta-based entrepreneur while attempting to get over an ex-girlfriend. He recognized it was something that MANY could likely relate to so he put up and the idea quickly took off virally - and became a pop-culture phenomenon of sorts when media outlets like ABC's Good Morning America (video below) and ESPN SportsCenter (video below) announced it to the world in 2007! It has since been covered by 1000+ media outlets (worldwide!) and the original "Get Over It Day Perspective Poem" has now reached and estimated 12.5 Million People! "Perspective Poem" - Pass it on!

(Audio Preview: )
(Audio Preview:

NOTE: We dug up (a copy of) the ORIGINAL Get Over It Day intro video!
NOTE 2: We know it's not good by today's standards - but it was 2006! YouTube wasn't even 1-year-old! :)

"Declaration of Intent to Get Over It!"Get Over It Day Pledge/Certificate
**Click for Larger Version to Print & Sign your own!**

"Get Over It Day" on ​ESPN SportsCenter!
[2017 UPDATE: Yes, one of their now-outdated examples was the CUBS' playoff failures!]

Get Over It Day" on ​Good Morning America!

2017 CLARIFICATION UPDATE after recent Election/Inauguration: "Get Over It Day" is (and always has been) about telling YOURSELF to get over something, about making a commitment to YOURSELF to move on and get over it. We have never encouraged or condoned telling OTHERS to get over it/anything! What, Why, How, If, When to "get over (it)" are personal decisions for individuals to make for themselves.


Additional (related) Audio - from sister site - NOT intended for kids:

POPULAR MUSIC IS A PRETTY GOOD INDICATOR of just how universal the whole "Get Over It" idea is...
​These are just our favorites of the MANY "Get Over It" songs out there!
"Get Over It" by OK Go

"Get Over It" by Aril Lavigne

"Get Over It" by The Eagles

"Get Over It" by McBusted

"Tonight I'm Getting Over You" by Carly Rae Jepsen
Suggested "Get Over It Day" clip: 2:50 to 3:50

"Get Over It" by Care Bears on Fire

"Gonna Get Over You" by Sara Bareilles
Suggested "Get Over It Day" clip: 3:39 to 4:30

"Get Over It" by Lower Than Atlantis

"Over You" by Daughtry
Suggested "Get Over It Day" clip: 0:39 to 1:11

The "Get Over It" songs above can be surprisingly therapeutic and motivational to listen to!
(particularly the indicated sections if you don't have time to listen to all the full songs) Pledge - Square-for-Instagram---or-for-people-who-just-like-square-images--like-that-weirdo-Alex