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Get Over It Day!

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March 9th, 2016 was the 10th Annual "Get Over It Day!"
And the Official "Get Over It Day" POEM has Now Reached 7.3 Million People!
A) The "Get Over It Day" Poem (IMAGE)
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Get Over It Day - The Official Poem
B) The "Get Over It Day" Poem (AUDIO)

From our "Whatever Network" sister site,
The video that started it all - 10 years ago!!!
So, yeah, the video kinda sucks - but we've gotten over it ;)

Whatever "IT" Is For You,  March 9th Is The Day To GET OVER IT!
GET OVER IT DAY® was conceived back in 2006 by Jeff Goldblatt, an Atlanta-based entrepreneur who was attempting to get over an ex-girlfriend. He recognized it was something that many could relate to and the "Get Over It Day" concept quickly took off virally and became a pop-culture phenomenon of sorts when media outlets like ABC's Good Morning America (video below) and ESPN SportsCenter (video below) announced it to the world in 2007!

In its first few years, Get Over It Day events were held in cities across the country [Correction: *around the world!" - Media coverage in England, Australia, and elsewhere brought the Get Over It Day idea INTERNATIONAL!].  A brief attempt was made to make a business out of it (at one point Carvel Ice Cream and Bally Total Fitness offered Get Over It Day deals and discounts), but plans to grow and commercialize the idea were soon paused (due in part to Jeff's  "Entrepreneurial A.D.D." - much of his time was taken up by the Humor Hotlines business at that point). But thousands of emails from people telling us what they need to get over each year confirms that the concept definitely still resonates with large audiences (so if anyone out there wants to partner with us to resurrect this website and make Get Over It Day huge again for next year, definitely let us know: ) 
Get Over It Day" on ​Good Morning America!
"Get Over It Day" on ​ESPN SportsCenter!
Get Over It Day Pledge/Certificate
"Declaration of Intent to Get Over It!"
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Stop Complaining! - A Public Service Plea from ;)

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"Stress Reduction?!?" - from ;)
Like it? Click here for the FREE .MP3 download - for yourself OR to send to others!

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What Are YOU Getting Over???

Best submissions will receive free "Get Over It Day" and "It Could Always Suck More" stuff!

Get Over It Day Pledge/Certificate
Print & Sign the Get Over It Day "Declaration of Intent"
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POPULAR MUSIC IS A PRETTY GOOD INDICATOR of just how universal the whole "Get Over It" idea is...
​These are just our favorites of the MANY "Get Over It" songs out there!

"Get Over It" by OK Go

"Get Over It" by Aril Lavigne

"Get Over It" by The Eagles

"Get Over It" by McBusted

"Tonight I'm Getting Over You" by Carly Rae Jepsen
Suggested "Get Over It Day" clip: 2:50 to 3:50

"Get Over It" by Care Bears on Fire

"Gonna Get Over You" by Sara Bareilles
Suggested "Get Over It Day" clip: 3:39 to 4:30

"Get Over It" by Lower Than Atlantis

"Over You" by Daughtry
Suggested "Get Over It Day" clip: 0:39 to 1:11

The "Get Over It" songs above can be surprisingly therapeutic and motivational to listen to!
(particularly the indicated sections if you don't have time to listen to all the full songs)