*2018 Update: The Official "Get Over It Day Poem" (image, audio, video) has now reached an estimated 18 Million People!
GetOverItDay.com - March 9th is GET OVER IT DAY!

NOTE: For the first time in 14 years, the Official "Get Over It Day" Poem (below) has been slightly edited. A few lines didn't accurately reflect Jeff's views and the intended all-inclusive nature of the concept.  

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March 9th is GET OVER IT DAY!® Strategically the midpoint between Valentine's Day & April Fools Day, it was conceived 10+ years ago by a guy named Jeff while attempting to get over an ex-girlfriend. But he recognized it was a universal concept that MANY could relate to so he wrote the poem*(above) and put up GetOverItDay.com - which looked about as terrible then as it still does now! It quickly went viral and has since been covered by Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and 1000+ media outlets wordwide!

Full Disclosure: We've done nothing with it for years (other than some media interviews when contacted), but we always love hearing about how people are taking the concept and running with it - on social media and/or in real life!  Any/all stories, comments are welcome! info@GetOverItDay.com

Feel free to share any of the images on this page - on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever! #GetOverItDay

(55-second "Get Over It / "STOP COMPLAINING" audio below - NOT for young kids!)

P.S. "Get Over It Day" on ​ESPN SportsCenter!
[2017 UPDATE: Yes, one of their now-outdated examples was the CUBS' playoff failures!]
What Are YOU Getting Over??

NOTE: Our Submission Form is currently down! :( But email us at info@GetOverItDay.com to tell us what YOU are getting over!

"Declaration of Intent to Get Over It!"
Get Over It Day Pledge/Certificate**Click for Larger Version to Print, Sign, Share, Whatever!**

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Feel free to share on FB, Instagram, Wherever! #GetOverItDay

[NOTE: Yes, we know the video below isn't great by today's standards - but it was 2006! YouTube wasn't even a year old! :)



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