Limited Time: "Get Out of Hell, Free" Cards with all purchases!

"Forgive me, strangers, for I have sinned..."

How It Works / Overview:
(YOU) Confess your sins on the back of the card. Leave it somewhere for a stranger to find.
DEAR STRANGER: If you FIND this card, please post a photo on social media (#ConfessionCard) and let the universe know if you forgive their sin. (Or ask the internet to help you decide!)

NEW (Related) SERVICE!

Confess Online Instantly! Type Up Sins:

IMPORTANT: Confessions via our services are PUBLIC CONFESSIONS -- not that traditionally "private" crap that's supposedly confidential (between you and... your priest? your rabbi? your Uber driver?) -- and your confessions will be POSTED PUBLICLY (and perhaps shared on social media for the collective genius of the internet to weigh in on!) -- so, PLEASE, do not include real names or other identifying information!

Confessions Displayed via The OFFICIAL Calendar Below:'s OFFICIAL CALENDAR
(of Minutes, Moments, Memories, Messages, and More!)



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