This is how many (most?) entrepreneurs begin:

(8-second clip)

MOST entrepreneurs will start with high levels of excitement and energy and passion! They can't wait to start "Living The Startup Dream!"
BUT...  (7-second clip)

Yeah! Nobody tells you where you went wrong... or where you most likely WILL go wrong... or where THOUSANDS of Entrepreneurs before you ALSO went wrong!

So, OF COURSE every new batch of (100? 1000? 10,000?) new entrepreneurs is collectively destined to experience all the same problems/pitfalls (and fail at the same rates, for the same collective reasons) as each batch of (100? 1000? 10,000?) entrepreneurs LAST year, AND the year before, and FIVE years ago, and TEN years ago, and... 
(25 second clip)

Because some of the MOST VALUABLE lessons will unfortunately disappear along with the vast majority of entrepreneurs who tend to quietly and privately close down their businesses and fade away... Many of them will unfortunately be down and dejected and (wrongfully!) embarrassed by the outcome... It didn't work out for you, but you have so much knowledge and value to share with new entrepreneurs!

Aren't there things you know now (after all the stress, struggles, mistakes, mis-steps) that you now WISH you knew THEN (when you started?)... Don't let all those lessons and learning curves fade away and disappear!

Editor's Note: Obviously this is a work in progress... but, hopefully we can build something that will resonate with others - particularly anyone who has ever felt like this:

If you're a current/former entrepreneur who has ever felt like that ^^ that, we want to talk to you! As well as any new entrepreneurs who can just take our word for it that some day in the future you WILL feel like that!

It's obviously all a work in progress, which is why we've really only shared it with like 56 people 
as of today :/

So, what IS a "CoFounderator?!?"

(and/or new entrepreneurs who can just take our word for it that some day in the future you WILL feel like that!)... It's a work in progress, but essentially it is:

A "CoFounderator" is an Experimentation Organizationour new spin on:
Incubation + Collaboration + Acceleration + Rumination + Education [I. C.A.R.E.??]
for CoFounders (past, present, future) and Startup Communities - with a primary focus on those who are Pre-Funding (or "Hustle-Funded!") and therefore more likely (historically) to struggle and silently slip through the cracks (of Startup Communities and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems)... and eventually fade away and disappear...


Anyway, we know a lot of people may think this is super-cheesy... but we're initially looking to talk to the people with whom it really resonates - either because you're a fan of Dear Evan Hansen - or because you have experienced, directly or indirectly some of the entrepreneurial stress, struggle, failure, and/or isolation that we are hoping to draw attention to... and to de-stigmatize so people aren't ashamed to discuss and don't feel like they're all alone in their experiences...




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