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The Pledge: We hereby commit that a MINIMUM of AT LEAST 10% of any/all profits from ALL ventures of The Whatever Network will be donated to various 501(c)3 charities.... (details coming soon!) 

Short Background from Jeff:
I've gotten pretty good over the years at creating concepts and content that go viral and resonate with large audiences. Admittedly, some of my successful/viral stuff (starting with the original Rejection Hotline) has been kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, and/or R-Rated content. But I've had a few personal epiphanies recently (which I'll explain more in a blog post in the future) that kinda make me want to start being a better person (i.e. cutting down on all the shock-value dirty content and the immature poop jokes - although I do really want to find a merchandising partner to make a best-selling baby brand!)). Anyway, before I get too far off-track, my plan for 2017 and beyond is to "grow up" a little and channel some of my creative abilities to create some "Viral Whatever" that actually has a positive impact on society...

(A few examples in progress or coming soon:,,,
-- please get in touch if you're interested in more info and/or working on these or other potentially-viral charitable ventures!)

ALSO... NEW ANNOUNCEMENT:  Since I started planning the whole "Whatever Network" thing, I've always been planning to donate (a minimum of at least) 10% of all profits (from all "Whatever Network" sites!) to various charities... BUT, since I can never do anything the normal way, here's how I'm thinking we're going to determine some of the charities - so it ALSO helps us recruit great partners for each startup venture (which in turn will hopefully make us more successful and thus make more money for the charities - Boom! Full Circle)... Anyway, the new idea is that we are going to let our partners/employees for each venture be the one(s) to decide which charity the profits go to. So, if you work with us you, not only do YOU do well and make more money if we are successful, but you are ALSO raising money for YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY! (more details soon / contact us to discuss

#PartnersNeeded -- particularly if you're passionate about a particular charity and/or making a positive impact on society in general! for more info on way to work with us on some of this...

(contact form at bottom of page)