NOTE: Each individual project/program below - as well as the entire site - are all "Pitching For Partners" as part of  If you're interested in anything you see below, CONTACT US us to get involved!

[Background/Explanation from Jeff]  I've gotten pretty good over the years at creating viral concepts and content that engage large audiences (see "" for a sample of our stuff that has reached millions of people)... But, admittedly, some of my most successful/viral stuff (starting with the Original Rejection Hotline) has been kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, etc...

I've had a few personal epiphanies recently (which I'll explain more in a blog post in the future) that kinda made me want to "grow up" a little... So, my plan moving forward is to start creating more "" concepts designed to have a much more positive/charitable impact on society... 




What Charities (or Causes) are Important to YOU?!?
New Program:
1) Pick a Product
2) Help Promote it
3) Proceeds Benefit the Cause that YOU Picked!

*************** Pledge:
- ALL "Whatever Network" ventures will donate a MINIMUM of AT LEAST 10% of any/all profits to various 501(c)3 charities.... (more details coming soon!)
- ALL partners, employees, and interns of each "Whatever Network" will help decide which charities are the beneficiaries!


Do you work for (or volunteer with) a great charity? Conact us for a CUSTOM "Viral Whatever" project to benefit your charity! (We're not promising the next Ice Bucket Challenge, but we've created many viral ventures in the past, so we feel pretty good about our ability to raise a lot of money for various charities)


Contact us to discuss (or to get involved!) with any of our "Whatever Network" ventures... 

Much more info - and more details - coming soon.

  • [TBA: Make-A-Wish Foundation concept] (2)
  • [TBA: Multiple Cancer Charities]
  • March of Dimes fundraiser concept:
  • Kindness project (multiple)
  • (Multiple Causes project)
  • /
  • /
  • (Whoever joins us to work on this, ask Jeff to add the rest - causes, cards, coins, campaigns, etc. - from his master list)

Contact us to discuss (or to get involved!) with any of our "Whatever Network" ventures...



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