You have 2 choices...

You can only pick one... 







P.S. Note to self, we can also use this idea for a few other things ...


A-B testing different variations of products?
the Blue team vs. the Red Team?
Amy vs. Bob

Two Buttons, Two different prices, no other product info or photo, just 2 buttons and 2 different prices
perhaps followed by:
You gotta ask yourself... do you feel lucky???
- Maybe one is a dollar and one is 2 dollars?
- or one is 1.00 and one is 0.99?
Or one is 0.99, the other is 19.99 and it sells them a $2.00 bill and a $20 bill respectively?


totally different concept, but...
-- we show an identical product twice and basically say, "Hey, we respect you. We don't think you're stupid. We're not gonna try to get inside your brain like every other retailer does... So here's what we're doing.... You can buy from button A and the box of cards cost $12.99, but with FREE SHIPPING!! OR you can buy from Button B and the box of cards only $7.99! But you need to pay $5.00 shipping/handling. Honestly, i'm as curious as anyone else what people will pick. heck, i don't even know if i know what I would pick! But what we're not gonna do is make the decision for you and assume to know, at best, what your preferences are or, at worst, how to trick you. Fuck that... you pick whichever option you want!!! I'll even throw in a free gift for you if you pick the right one... Just Kidding - there is no right/wrong one... I'll give you the free gift regardless of which one you buy! :)


Perhaps that same experiment is run where we're "selling" REAL $5.00 BILLS! While supplies last - pick one:
1: $0.99 (+ $3.00 Shipping)
2: $1.00 (+ $2.99 Shipping)
3: $3.99 + FREE SHIPPING
4: $1.99 (+ $2.00 Shipping)
5: $2.00 (+ $2.99 Shipping)
6: $3.01 + ($1.00 SHIPPING)
7: $4.01 (+ $0.99 Shipping)
8: $3.99 (+ $1.99 Shipping)
9: $5.00 (+ FREE SHIPPING)
10: $4.01 (+ $1.00 Shipping)
11: $4.00 + FREE SHIPPING
12: $5.00 + FREE SHIPPING
13: $6.00 + SURPRISE GIFT
(All of the above would be all mixed up, presented randomly)

- Give a penny; take a penny experiment?



Sold Out

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