Created back in the early 2000's, THE REJECTION HOTLINE® (a funny fake phone number) was the first of our 300+ HUMOR HOTLINES. We had a great run – 10+ years, 475 Million phone calls, a fun 7-figure business, millions of fans – but, sadly, we were forced to sell off the 2500+ phone numbers and shut down the company in 2014 :(


All 300+ Pieces of Audio Content are PITCHING FOR PARTNERS... via one (or more) of these business models:

  • FREE MP3 downloads (that do something for us via Products AS Content AS Social Marketing... as a means of marketing other products to our customers/users/fans??)
  • PREMIUM MP3 downloads - $1.00 (via $0.69 via  
  • FREE (ad-supported?) HUMOR HOTLINE NUMBERS
    (audio/calls only? audio AND text-backs?) long as we can keep a close eye on our costs and figure out a way to generate at least a penny per call/text... Business Challenge: How do we generate ~$10 in revenue for every 1000 calls/texts to VIRAL phone numbers?? [Spoiler Alert: It's not an easy answer and it's basically why we went out of business the first time around!] Potential monetization includes:
    • 1) The page you get the number from has a web ad.
    • 2) The phone audio clip ends with an audio ad.
    • 3) The text-back sequence ends with a text ad.
    • 4) Install limitations on these numbers (Busy-signal after 2 calls? Text ignored after 2 texts?)... to encourage upgrade to a paid no-limits number?
  • Free WITH PURCHASE of our other (related!) products?
  • PAID PREMIUM HOTLINE Numbers - rotated in and out MONTHLY??
    A) $0.99 (number only guaranteed for 30 days?)
    B) $1.99 (number guaranteed for at least a year and/or receive an email with the new number any time we swap it out?)
    • NOTE: EVERY TIME WE NOTIFY SOMEONE OF A NEW NUMBER, IT IS A FREE WAY TO SHOW THEM AN AD/UPDATE FOR OUR OTHER PRODUCTS THEY MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN (but it's very important we not be spammy or annoying! Legit/relevant stuff only!)
    C) Packages and/or Subscriptions? 
    $1.00/month subscription service? AT LEAST 1 new Humor Hotline per month and occasional FREE STUFF!
    D  CUSTOM and/or PERSONALIZED Numbers??




Sold Out

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