- Shared Number?!? - Shared Number?!?

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  • Ever been asked for a phone number when signing up for something - online, by phone, in a store, wherever?
  • Ever been told a valid phone number is "required" to buy it, try it, subscribe, join, or get the deal/discount/demo?

I'm on the DO NOT CALL list, but I still get way too many sales/marketing/robo-calls from times when I gave out my real number signing up for things"

-- Jeff G. creator of The Original Rejection Hotline.

Think of "" as a Rejection Hotline for everything else!


WAY too many people don't know this, but... The only purpose for many displays like this "10 for $10" one is to trick you into spending more money.  It's $1.00/each whether you buy 10, 27, or ONE!  As long as you use a card - or an Alternate ID like our number ;)



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