Rejection Hotline Number YOU PICK THE AREA CODE!

  • $69.00

NOTE: In the future, this will be an automated instant-download, but, as of today ( ), it will be a slightly slower process where we manually set up the number for you and email it to you (Guaranteed within 12 hours; but likely much faster than that,)

What you get: You will be one of only ~69 people on the planet who we give this number out to each year!
Note: *IF* somehow it still goes crazy-viral and/or it gets shut-down for any reason in the next **12 months, you'll be issued a new number FOR FREE (and we'll probably send you some free stuff as an apology too!)

**We say "12 months" just to cover ourselves against unforeseen future events or legal issues with selling anything "forever" - but, assuming we still exist, I can't imagine we wouldn't honor that offer in 13 months or 18 months or 24 months or...



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