"PROFIT PICKLES?!" (1 "Pickle" = 1% of 1 Product's Profits for: APRIL, 2020)

"PROFIT PICKLES?!" (1 "Pickle" = 1% of 1 Product's Profits for: APRIL, 2020)

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ReThinking Startups.com & ReThinkingWhatever.com present:

ReThinking Products as Content as Social Marketing...
And ReThinking Products' PROFITS... 

...AS a Product?!?  
...as Perks for our Program Participants??
...as the Gamification of Startups & Side Hustles - and an in-home activity to keep your brain active during quarantine??

(Kinda like Fantasy Sports betting? but you're betting on businesses/products?!?)

**Full Disclosure: In most cases, particularly as we're just getting started, it's probably not gonna be worth much (so please only participate if you can say "I understand this will probably be worth $0.00 and I'm totally ok with that"), but if, If, IF it happens to be one of our VIRAL products, that really takes off... well... 1% of $1,000,000 IS $10,000, so... #JustSayin

Unlike sports betting - where you can't influence the outcome - you can help your products along as much as you want (by promoting on social media!) 
[Full Disclosure: That's obviously kinda the point - we're trying to incentivize new people each month to help spread the word about each product!]


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