PICK-Your-Product (and receive 1% of 1 Product's Profits for the MONTH of February, 2020)

PICK-Your-Product (and receive 1% of 1 Product's Profits for the MONTH of February, 2020)

  • $1.00

We will experiment with this a few different ways. This page is:

A) Purchasing Profits?!?
BUY 1% of a specific product's monthly profits for $1. 
 Kinda like Fantasy Sports betting, but on businesses/products.
If we make $0.00, you lose your $1.00. If we make $100, you get your $1.00 back. If we make $1000, your $1.00 becomes $10.00. If a product really takes off and goes Viral and we make $25,000, your $1.00 becomes $250!

- Alternate Model - 

B) "Profits with Purchase"

For the (100?) products that we designate, (10 products x 10 categories?), t
he first 10 People to Buy that Product in a given month will receive 1% of that product's profits for the month!   [So, buy it if you like it - because you're getting it! - and/or because you think OTHER people will like it, because you're getting 5% of that month's profits for that product!] 
  **Full Disclosure: In most cases, it's probably not gonna be worth much ($100 in profit would only make you $5), but if, If, IF it happens to be one of our VIRAL products, that really takes off... $10,000 in profits net you $500... 

Unlike sports betting - where you can't influence the outcome - you can help your products along as much as you want (by promoting on social media!)
[Full Disclosure: That's kinda the point - we're trying to incentivize new people each month to help spread the word about each product!]

C) We might also try just finding 100 strangers online - maybe 10 via twitter, 10 via instagram, 10 via TikTok, etc. etc. And we just give them (or offer them) 1% of profits from a given product for a month - regardless of whether they do anything to help promote it or not. They just need to give us a Venmo account to send the money to.



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