PICK-Your-Product (and receive 1% of 1 Product's Profits for the MONTH of February, 2020)

  • $1.00

We will experiment with this a few different ways. This page is:

A) Purchasing Profits?!? 
BUY 1% of a specific product's monthly profits for $1. 
 Kinda like Fantasy Sports betting, but on businesses/products.
If we make $0.00, you lose your $1.00. If we make $100, you get your $1.00 back. If we make $1000, your $1.00 becomes $10.00. If a product really takes off and goes Viral and we make $25,000, your $1.00 becomes $250!

- Alternate Model - 

B) "Profits with Purchase"

For the (100?) products that we designate, (10 products x 10 categories?), t
he first 10 People to Buy that Product in a given month will receive 1% of that product's profits for the month!   [So, buy it if you like it - because you're getting it! - and/or because you think OTHER people will like it, because you're getting 5% of that month's profits for that product!] 
  **Full Disclosure: In most cases, it's probably not gonna be worth much ($100 in profit would only make you $5), but if, If, IF it happens to be one of our VIRAL products, that really takes off... $10,000 in profits net you $500... 

Unlike sports betting - where you can't influence the outcome - you can help your products along as much as you want (by promoting on social media!)
[Full Disclosure: That's kinda the point - we're trying to incentivize new people each month to help spread the word about each product!]

C) We might also try just finding 100 strangers online - maybe 10 via twitter, 10 via instagram, 10 via TikTok, etc. etc. And we just give them (or offer them) 1% of profits from a given product fro a month - regardless of whetehr they do anything to help promote it or not. They just need to give us a Venmo account to send the money to.


P.S. One benefit to using "Profits" instead of Revenue is that we can do all of the above and not worry about possibly over-committing and losing money.



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