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Simply agree to give us feedback on what you like and don't like and we'll send you FREE WHATEVER... No Catch! In fact, we'll tell you EXACTLY our reasons for sending you free stuff:
1) it might be NEW products we're trying to spread the word about
2) it might be an older product that we've discontinued or changed for some reasons
3) it might be a product we have 2 (or more) different versions of that we need feedback on which ones people like better
4) it might be a branding change [Example: We printed 100,000 cards prior to making the decision to make the brand for PG cards and the brand for edgier / Rated-R cards... so we've got 50,000 or so cards that simply have the wrong/other domain name at the bottom]
5) we literally have more products than we can possibly feature on our website and social media (because nobody is scrolling to the 5th, 7th or 19th page of products!) and we feel like the best way to see if a product is potentially viral is to just get it out there and see if people start sharing/talking about it on social media


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