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So, what's the best (or easiest?) way to meet potential cofounders?

Kat Manalac, YCombinator Partner [19 second clip (1:43 to 2:02)] response: We completely agree! BUT, unfortunately, there are MANY people for whom that is not an option. So we want to create project-based programs & competitions that serve as a "next best" (third?) alternative! 

Harj Taggar is a partner at Y-Combinator and thinks "How to Find the Right CoFounder" is arguably the most important part of starting a company.
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One of the other key CoFounderator philosophies addresses an issue articulated well by Aaron Harris
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So hopefully nobody stumbles upon this yet!!

Part of "Customer Discovery" is talking to your customers about their problem that you are hoping to solve for them...

[Note: This might get a little "meta", but...]  Some of the biggest problems we want to solve are for young (and/or first-time) founders who do not yet realize they have the problem - and likely WON'T realize they have the problem for a long time!

We've been around startups for ~20 years, we've seen thousands of entrepreneurs experience it (even when they didn't realize it until later), we've personally experienced many of these problems ourselves (even if we didn't realize it until later), and we are fascinated by the "I wish I knew then what I know now" phenomenon...

But don't just take OUR word for it. Talk to those in Startup Communities who have not only "been there, done that" themselves, but have also worked with, talked to, mentored, advised THOUSANDS of First-Time Founders - and therefore have a statistically-relevant sample size from which to identify patterns...

Example I like to use: It doesn't truly matter if kids (or their parents) see ALL of the following values of youth sports:
Motor skills development and coordination. Social skills development.  Self-confidence.  Sportsmanship. Fun and enjoyment. Friendship. Lower body fat. Stronger muscles, bones, and joints. Increased cardiovascular fitness. Helping control weight and reduce fat. Preventing or delaying the development of high blood pressure. Character. Self-esteem. Discipline.

As long as they see one (or enough) to get them to participate, they'll derive all the other benefits whether they realize it or not! to those problem young entrepreneurs

PROBLEM: What if "the problem" you want to solve is one that


Also:  MANY "Learning while Listening" programs out there... some are good, some are garbage... programs as a "Learning while Launching" add-on to existing "Learning by Listening" programs - including collegiate entrepreneurship programs!


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. - several points in this Michael Seibel video, some agree with (value of college for finding cofounders - even to an extreme where the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization should create a future a Cofounder database that is almost mandatory to become a part of)... A social network where you pay $1 for each update? Also, the idea of "get a job at another company to meet potential cofounders, this could take a year or two... how does that get compared with part-time starting immediately???!

This video!! about Top 10% AND about "sample size!!"
Letter to ATV about SIUG but, we don't need to reinvent the wheel when YC content is free!! A program where we take the existing content, discuss, debate, demonstrate...

The following tweet might not be a perfect intro for our "I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now" discussion (because I'm not sure Michael is lamenting that he wishes he knew it), but it is simply a good illustration of things that you often won't think about until you personally experience it - even if it's something that has been experienced by MANY before you and will be experienced by MANY after you... (because this is how we feel about many common Founder problems!)

Intentionally taking this tweet out of context, because I believe it can apply to MANY very different areas! From Business to Relationships to Mental Health to Physical Health... and, while I'm sure this isn't a super-original idea on a surface level (and maybe it's a just different way of looking at all types of teaching/mentorship in general?), I think there is a lot of potential for businesses that can eliminate (or significantly reduce) the perpetual/cyclical/ubiquitious nature of "I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now." And then just turned into a super-long intro to a service we're trying to provide for current/future founders/cofounders:

Open Letter to StartItUpGeorgiaMentors - essentially doing exactly what you did for SIUG, you would facilitate a team / group of teams. Compensation: $100 or 10% of all profits from all products from your teams. (You and any of your friends, colleagues, kids, whomever could participate 100% free).


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