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Work With Us!

Work With Us!
Admittedly we have A LOT that we want to do, so we will prioritize based on the abilities (and interest!) of our team members... The following is just a sample of potential projects...
Partial Project List (Incomplete / In Progress)...
  • - It's a pretty powerful Re-Marketing tool! And easy to learn and gain experience/expertise while using our real pages / real traffic to A-B test all the features!   (summarized well in this 2-minute video)

  • Image Creation and/or Project Management and/or Social Media Management
    We have hundreds of web pages, products, and pieces of content that double as great SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT!  Templates need to be created for images, captions, tweets, etc. to make it easier/faster to create a huge bank of posts that can be scheduled well in advance. (Likely via HootSuite - another very valuable tool to learn!) Note: Are you a designer? Great! If not, it's potentially just as effective for you to hire/manage designers via Fiverr or manage a month of design projects via Design Pickle (unlimited design projects!)

  • -- Contests & Competitions -- We have hundreds of products, content pages, etc. that are perfect starter projects to learn and practice Digital Marketing. (A-B testing? Tshirt site 1 vs. Tshirt site 2?  Google Adsense vs. Facebook Advertising? Etc.). We'd love someone to run this program - for students over Winter Break or Summer Break? For professionals at night or on weekends? Or in conjunction with existing Digital Marketing classes (at General Assembly or elsewhere)?

  • Create/post Job Listings for our initiative (on campus job boards, craigslist, and any number of other publicly-accessible job listing sites
  • Manage/run our sites based on Calendly and Google Calendar ( & 

  • Shipping & Logistcs --  Create/implement/manage our product shipping operations (for a wide variety of products - from envelope-sized shipments like to larger products like and much more in between!  (Embarrassingly, we have literally marked some products as "out of stock" because we didn't have the personnel to fulfill orders!) 
    • Manage our social media accounts via HootSuite

    • Evaluate (and improve!) our SEO -- for many/all our sites!

    • Manage the launch of new premium Humor Hotlines (with audio and and text-backs) and/or the RE-launch of some of our older Humor Hotlines

  • Finding Freelancers
    • Example: There are a ton of "digital marketers" on Fiverr. No way to know who the good ones are. I want to figure out the best way to "hire" MANY of these Fiverr digital marketers for their $5 or $10 and basically give them each a unique (landing page, promo code, product, t-shirt design, Humor Hotline phone number) so we objectively compare and then continue working with the best performers

  • Organizing/Running multiple "mini-programs" (examples at
  • Manage a new initiative for selling personalized and/or customized Humor Hotline phone numbers (humor, non-humor, calls/voice, sms/text-backs, etc.)

  • Manage ANY of our past/present/future ventures!!!

  • P.S. - we have 300+ audio clips, many of which were extremely viral (collectively listened to more than 450+ Million times!) as part of our previous company (RH Brands / The Rejection Hotline / Still a lot of potential with this audio and a lot of work to be done to re-organize it all, distribute it all, and take full advantage of it all - for revenue-generation OR cross-promotional marketing value for some of our other stuff!

NOTE: All of the above are broad overviews of projects - each will likely contain many more details and specific tasks. Below is an example of how just one such broad overview ( might break down into some more detailed projects: (Example of more detailed projects)

We have 300+ pieces of original audio content, many of which were extremely viral (collectively listened to more than 450+ Million times!) as part of our previous company (RH Brands / The Rejection Hotline / While that 7-figure company was shut down in 2013, there is still a lot of potential for this audio and a lot of work to be done to re-organize it all, distribute it all, and take full advantage of it all - for revenue-generation OR cross-promotional marketing value for some of our other stuff!

  • Organize all audio clips into:
    • 10+ FREE mp3 downloads
    • 10+ PREMIUM mp3 downloads
    • 10+ FREE Humor Hotlines phone numbers
    • 10+ PREMIUM Humor Hotlines phones numbers (audio for voice calls AND SMS text-back SMS auto-reply messages!)
    • 10+ micro-sites
    • All/Most audio also available via SoundCloud
    • All/Most audio also available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, etc.
      (Via creation/management of a TuneCore account/subscription)
  • Most of the above will involve organizational skills and some of the above could involve specific *tasks including but not limited to:
    • Optimization of audio file names, web page names, text descriptions, SEO keywords
    • Image creation for social media
    • Audio editing for speed, length, cutting out boring parts (or phone-specific language for non-phone MP3s), adding an audio-brand/tagline or website-mention to the end of audio so that listeners know who we are and how to find more of our stuff (particularly for MP3s likely to go viral after a download)
  • Manage a freelance developer via a site like UpWork to add a new feature or two (for decreasing our costs and increasing virality) of some of our new Humor Hotlines (with voice and sms functionality)

    *NOTE: All of the above does not need to make sense to you yet! We will explain everything!
    *ALSO, while experience with audio-editing (Audacity?) and/or image-editing (Photoshop?) would be great, it is definitely NOT a requirement!

    Currently Hiring!
    • Full-Time (or Part-Time) Job Position: A "Dynamic/Dependable/Diligent Doer"... a "Multi-Tasking Magician"... an "Organizer/Operator/Optimizer"... a "Follow-up/Follow-through Fanatic"... a "Get-Shit-Done Guru"... Ideally looking for one person who is all of these things... because the person you'll be working for working with is NONE of those things - and he might be the most ADD Entrepreneur in Atlanta! 

    • Part-Time (or Project-Based) -A Facebook Advertising expert...  specifically someone with experience using Facebook/Instagram "Custom Audiences" feature  as we intend to market (re-market) all "Whatever Network" ventures initially to the million+ people we already know have been fans of our other stuff in the past. MANY Additional Opportunities (Part-Time or Full-Time or Project-Based) to work on MANY different startup projects... from interns to project manager, designers, and digital marketer to CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and Co-Founders!.

    • Micro-Experts! (Part-Time)... If your past/present/primary job has made you AN EXPERT on any of the following, PLEASE TALK TO US! 
      Shopify, WordPress, MailChimp, Twilio / Plivo, SoundCould, TuneCore, Fiverr, Design Pickle, SEO, Social Media Management, HootSuite, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Facebook Advertising, Content Creation, Content Management, Photoshop (other design-editing), Audacity (other audio-editing), Shipping/Mailing logistics, ANY individual social media platform(s) - Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest ~ Snapchat ~ Reddit ~ Quora ~ YouTube ~ Vine ~ Tumblr ~ Imgur ~ Google+ ~ LinkedIn ~ MeetUp ~ WordPress ~ Medium ~  ???

    If you're intrigued and/or potentially interested in any of the above, please CONTACT US!