A PARADIGM SHIFT that is DISRUPTING the shower industry!

ShowerSharing.com is an ingenious new startup that will revolutionize the traditional shower experience, save bazillions of gallons of water, and end droughts in California - and everywhere else in the world too!

ShowerSharing.com - The hottest new app in Silicon Valley!

Yep, I think we can all agree that our “Shower Sharing” startup idea is pretty f***ing amazing!  
-- Jeff G., Founder

ShowerSharing.com’s mobile app uses patent-pending technology 
ShowerSharing.com GEO-LOCATION Service!and 
proprietary algorithms that efficiently match you with strangers in your area who shower at the same time you do!

Think of it as Tinder for shower-sharing — just swipe right when you see a shower-seeker in your area and you’ll be showering with a stranger in minutes, both doing your part to preserve water and save the environment! Pretty f***ing amazing, right?

But, Wait... There's More!!!

With our new ShowerSharing.com PRO version, you have many additional benefitsShowerSharing.com – like being able to sort shower-seekers by age, gender, sexual orientation, and “SHABITS” (a clever little hybrid of “shower” and “habits”). These sortable “shabits” include: does the shower-seeker sing in the shower, do they shave in the shower, do they pee in the shower, what is their standard method and frequency of cleaning their anus, etc.). We believe that all of these factors are vital to provide the best possible Shower Sharing experience!

Join Our Beta... and you'll be sharing a shower with a stranger (and saving the environment!) in no time!



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