shit, Shit, SHIT!?!

An Assinine Quest to Make "SHIT" Go VIRAL!

Quick Background: I was giving a presentation a while back and was explaining the whole "Self-Awareness" thing, how I recognized that I SUCK at MANY things ( but that there are a FEW things I'm really f*ckin' good at ( and that I recognized that my unique skill/talent/gift/whatever was "making sh*t go viral"...  That somehow led to a discussion on "literal shit" vs. "figurative shit" and somebody challenging me to LITERALLY make LITERAL SHIT go viral... 

Thus began my assinine quest to make "SHIT" go viral... 
* P.S. Yes, I know I spelled asinine incorrectly. But I thought ASSinine was a more appropriate spelling given the shitty topic.

SHIT CARDS?!? (from

Shitty Card Attempt #1: 

Leave it on someone's desk or doorstep...? Slide it into a locker or under an office door...? Leave it behind at a coffee shop, restaurant, or in the back seat of an Uber or Lyft...? Or just hand it to someone and walk away!?! YOU DECIDE!

[Note: 300+ OTHER CARDS (not related to shit) available at]

Shitty Card Attempt #2:

Shitty Card Attempt #3:

And that last one doubles as a direct promo for:


But it's not just shirts for babies... &

And only SEMI-related, but...
And since that's probably tough to read unless you're pretty close, this is what it says:

S.H.I.T. Meals! ( &

Believe it or not, this one is a legit/serious startup idea!
S.H.I.T. Meals?!?
(Simple! Healthy! Inexpensive! Tasty!) Yep! - & ;-)

Subliminal Hypnosis & Ideation Transformation (S.H.I.T.) Audio

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