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Just because things exist one way doesn't mean they can't be re-purposed, re-imagined, re-purposed, and/or re-branded to be something completely different! Challenges:

Business Cards
Other! (Temp Tats? ZikaZapper?) Challenge:
- What can we get for $0.01 or less (buying in bulk) and sell for $1.00 (and why will people buy it?)
- BONUS: What can we pay literally NOTHING for ($0.00) and sell for $1.00? (and why will people buy it?)

Kindness initiatives - 

    - Give away (a minimum of 10%) of all "Whatever Network" profits to various charities.
    [Great! Now, how can we also RE-think it? ALSO an employee/partner perk / recruiting tool - as we let our team members pick the charity we donate to so it means even more to them personally to work with us!]
    - Use strategies to create campaigns to raise money for charities:
    --- WishCards? WishCoins? WishShirts?