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Looking for project managers, product marketers, designers, developers... any/all aspiring entrepreneurs! Pitching for PART-Time Partners via! But feel free to scroll down for a small sample / sneak peek of what's coming!

GetOverItDay.comIt was conceived and first went viral 10+ years ago. It has since been covered by Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and 1000+ media outlets wordwide -- and has now reached an estimated 19 Million People! ***2018 UPDATE: will soon be joined by and - much more info soon!!

Some people pick up on "Red Flags" better than others... 

Lies, inconsiderate actions, a history of sketchy behavior, sneaky calls/texts... 

There are SO MANY RED FLAGS!  

But many of us have a tendency to ignore red flags in our personal
(or professional) relationships...  

Our symbolic red flags are much more difficult to ignore!  Use them to remind your friends (or yourself!) to pay attention and...

Stop Ignoring 

Do not continue scrolling down
if you are Under 16
- OR -
if you are easily offended :)

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