Pitching for Partners - potential starter submissions for Startup Weekend...

P.S. (from Jeff)   I'll go through my list of "real" startup ideas when I get there in a little while...  but since we know what "an idea" might look like, I wanted to first suggest some things that are a slight variation on a typical "business idea" (some ways that i would legitimately want to use this in real life! like today!) in case any of these use cases impact anything on the front-end...  (but definitely feel free to tell me "this isn't really what we were thinking")


I HAVE... 100+ startup/entrepreneurship blog posts (have yet to be shared/promoted anywhere)... currently some are viewabe at StartupWhatever.com

I NEED... someone who is intrigued by the content and wants to do something with it... run/promote a blog? publish a book or ebook? use it to implement the GaryVee Conent Model and manage a LinkedIn page or Instagram account - mine, ours, YOURS, whatever makes sense


I HAVE... some strong opinions (ThoughtsOnStartups.com) & improvement ideas for startups/entrepreneurs (ReThinkingStartups.com) that would make for good podcast discussion/debate (but I will likely never start/run my own podcast - because IamADD.com)

I NEED... someone interested in starting a podcast (but maybe lacking compelling content?) or people with existing podcasts looking for guests


I HAVE... Viral Marketing expertise (50+ Viral Ventures; collective reach of half a Billion) and "Viral Thinking" presentations (that are currently conveyed on a poorly-organized Medium page and I only do occassional consulting or occassional workshops - when others happen to come and ask me about it; I never actively pitch/sell it myself)

I NEED... someone who wants to be the management/marketing side of that as a business (ViralWhatever.com?)


I HAVE... 100+ T-SHIRT CONCEPTS (with designs ranging from good to meh to concept sketch-only) that were conceived using ViralWhatever.com's "Viral Thinking" Methodology- TshirtWhatever.com

I NEED... someone who has sold online Tshirts before (or someone looking to learn how) to manage some online tshirt side hustles - and/or to potentially add some of these to your existing business.





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