Premise/Benefits for INDIVIDUAL Products: 

One big lesson I learned over the course of our Humor Hotlines business (~200 Humor Hotlines, ~30 of which went viral) is that, while there are certainly many benefits of showcasing variety and depth of product offerings, true virality is almost always achieved when something (a product, a video, an image, whatever) is positioned/marketed/shared INDIVIDUALLY!

Sample of Humor Hotlines that went viral - individually - on TwitterYes, we always had where people could find our entire collection of Humor Hotlines. BUT, what people often shared (by word-of-mouth, social media, text messages, etc.) was almost always a SPECIFIC Humor Hotline phone number - NOT the entire collection (or the collection site)

So, while we will always have,,,, etc. (where people can browse entire collections), what we are giving/assigning to our entrepreneurial partners and our marketing partners are INDIVIDUAL products, designs, pieces of content -- or individual COLLECTIONS of products/content)

12+ Humor Hotline Phone Numbers
12+ MP3 Downloads
12+ Collections
12+ Microsites
12+ Collections
12+ Brands
12+ products/designs
12+ cards or collections of cards
12+ items
12+ Projects

Individual Partner Product LAYOUT EXAMPLES:

Existing Product URL:

Currently part of:

On a case by case basis, *IF* it were to make sense to forego the cross-promotional benefits of direct association with The Whatever Network, we could theoretically do a few things, including the creation of custom pages -- and/or the embed code to generate the content of these custom pages could be provided to a Product Partner: (Direct Checkout / Buy Now - for single product purchases) (Add to Cart - if they might want to might multiple products) ("View Product Details" - for products that aren't simple or might have more info to provide)
And, in some cases, a unique domain could be pointed to one of those pages, such as:

HTML CODE can be given to embed products/collections elsewhere (SquareSpace, Tumblr, WordPress, Wix)

ALSO: Multiple Promo Codes can be provided - assigned to partners and easily trackable for profit-sharing purposes (20% off? Free Shipping? Whatever) - for specific products, collections of products, or the entire WHATEVER NETWORK!

Bottom of page text for Partner Pages (especially those without Whatever Network header/footer/navigation) something like:

The content above is part of "The WHATEVER Network!", a huge collection of products, services, viral content, social movements, charitable causes, startup ventures, and more! We have MANY different people, partners, and programs working on (managing, marketing, etc.) the many different components of our Network. We try to hold all our program participants, students, and partners to the highest standards of business ethics. If you come across any of our products/content/whatever presented or marketed in a manner you deem inappropriate (or illegal!), please contact us immediately!