Premise/Benefits for INDIVIDUAL Products: 

One big lesson I learned over the course of our Humor Hotlines business (~200 Humor Hotlines, ~30 of which went viral) is that, while there are certainly many benefits of showcasing variety and depth of product offerings, true virality is almost always achieved when something (a product, a video, an image, whatever) is positioned/marketed/shared INDIVIDUALLY!

Sample of Humor Hotlines that went viral - individually - on TwitterYes, we always had where people could find our entire collection of Humor Hotlines. BUT, what people often shared (by word-of-mouth, social media, text messages, etc.) was almost always a SPECIFIC Humor Hotline phone number - NOT the entire collection (or the collection site)

So, while we will always have,,,, etc. (where people can browse entire collections), what we are giving/assigning to our entrepreneurial partners and our marketing partners are INDIVIDUAL products, designs, pieces of content -- or individual COLLECTIONS of products/content)...

12+ Humor Hotline Phone Numbers
12+ MP3 Downloads
12+ Collections
12+ Microsites
12+ Collections
12+ Brands
12+ products/designs
12+ cards or collections of cards
12+ items
12+ Projects

NOTE: HTML CODE can be given to embed products/collections elsewhere (SquareSpace, Tumblr, WordPress, Wix)

ALSO: Multiple Promo Codes can be provided - assigned to partners and easily trackable for profit-sharing purposes (20% off? Free Shipping? Whatever) - for specific products, collections of products, or the entire WHATEVER NETWORK!


[To be continued]




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