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ViralWhatever.comA few thoughts on IDEAS...

  • "There's no such thing as a bad [xxxx]"
    Um... WHAT?!?  If you wouldn't say that about a "logo", a "website", an "app", a "marketing plan", a "sales call", or an "investor pitch", then WHY do we say it about "IDEAS"?!?  (full column soon) 

  • Most people have a pretty good level of self-awareness when it comes to their abilities to play the piano or pilot an airplane - or how good they are at golf or ice-skating. (And most ENTREPRENEURS are fairly accurate in their self-awareness of their graphic design abilities or their coding skills - or, albeit to a lesser degree, even their public speaking or sales abilities.) BUT, I believe most entrepreneurs have a terrible level of self-awareness when it comes to their ideas, strategy, vision...  (full column soon) 

An "IDEA" vs. An "IDEA+++"
Everyone has ideas. But (obviously?), not all ideas are created equally...
*NOTES: "Viral potential" is only a factor for some types of ideas (such as B2C ventures that will depend on virality for success). For other types of ideas (such as B2B startups), we would substitute "Product-market-fit potential" (at least a 10x better-than-average potential of achieving product-market-fit)

    Anyway, I could write an entire book about all this (and I actually hope to one day), but all of the above is a quick/rough overview and explanation for why:

    A) I completely understand why many people minimize the value of ideas (with Gary Vaynerchuk famously preaching: "Ideas are Shit; Execution is Everything") - because that is a fair critique for MOST ideas conceived by MOST people!  
    B) but it is also why I HATE when people minimize the value of ideas (and I would love it if Gary V. and others would modify that sentiment to: "MOST Ideas Are Shit (And Execution is Extremely Important)" ... www.MOSTideasAreShit.com - because there is a huge difference between the vast majority of (regular) ideas (conceived by the vast majority of people) as opposed to IDEAS+++ (conceived by a very small percentage of the population for whom that happens to be an area of expertise)...


    Jeff Goldblatt is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur with ~15 years experience with various B2C startups (and an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School). As creator of The Rejection Hotline®, 300+ Humor Hotlines, National "Get Over It Day", and 40+ viral ventures that have each/individually reached Millions of people - and have collectively engaged audiences over half a BILLION, he became a nationally-recognized authority on viral media and content creation —  
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