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Miscellaneous Whatever

MiscellaneousWhatever.comBelow are a few "more traditional tech startups" - and a few other projects and "Starter Startups" that don't easily fall into one of our other "Whatever" categories... ALL OF THE FOLLOWING are actively seeking execution partners via!
GetOverItDay.comIt was created and went viral 10+ years ago. It has since been covered by Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and 1000+ media outlets wordwide! And the "Get Over It Day Poem" (image, audio, video) has now reached an estimated 17 Million People!
2017 UPDATE: will soon be joined by and - much more info soon! #PartnersNeeded
Some of the above are still under construction. Please contact us for more info and/or if you might be interested in working on any of these (or with any of our MANY other "Startup Whatever" Projects and Programs)...