(Memes IN REAL LIFE??)

Of course, YOU know what a "MEME" is... 

Sorry, but...

You're actually (probably) WRONG...

Feel free to skip this part and just scroll down to see the actual products, but...


ALL "INTERNET Memes" are "MEMES" - but NOT ALL "MEMES" are "INTERNET Memes"...?

- The word "INTERNET" does NOT actually appear in most definitions of "MEME"
- In most places, "MEME" and "INTERNET MEME" actually have 2 different entries
[For example, Wikipedia goes so far as to offer preemptive clarification (circled below)] 

Conflicting reports, but:

- Some say the word originated in the 1970s: "from Greek mimēma ‘that which is imitated’, on the pattern of gene"
- Elsewhere, you can find:
Use over time for: meme

[Editor's Note: Regardless of whether it was the 1700s or 1970s, we're pretty sure the INTERNET wasn't super-popular back then.] 

So... What's Our Point??

Honestly, we really don't care what anybody calls anything... That was basically just our proactive response (guilty-conscience?) to those who will inevitably give us sh*t ("But that's NOT a MEME!") - as we RE-Think / RE-Imagine traditional internet memes and launch some Meme-LIKE products - that you can touch and physically pass around OFFline! - IN REAL LIFE!
-- Handed out at work or school? Left to be found on a desk or chair? Placed in a locker or mailbox?
-- "Accidentally" left behind in a break-room or coffee shop? on a plane, train, or in the back seat of your Uber/Lyft/Taxi?

Memes... In Real Life? ...By Mail? ...On Cards?




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