#CardYourFriends #FlagYourFriends

Real-Life Uses / Testimonials!

"I show a yellow card to any driver who doesn't use a turn signal."
"We bring the flags to the bars and throw penalty flags for spilled drinks, not finishing shots, and texting ex-'s"
"Challenge flags get thrown to call "bullsh*t" on who you're calling/texting or excuses for being late / leaving early"
"I yellow-carded my co-worker for her smelly tuna sandwich... The next week she did it AGAIN! (So obviously the second offense earned the RED card)"

"A dude a few cubes over from me was on a conference call ON SPEAKER-PHONE! He ignored the penalty flag, he ignored the yellow card, he ignored the red card, so I had no choice but to sneak up behind him and blow the whistle really loud!"

"I keep one set of cards in my car, one in my office, and one at home... and on weekends the penalty flag is in a back pocket and the challenge flag is tucked in a sock - think that's weird? Our entire group of friends does it too!"

"We use if for OUR KIDS! They get a verbal warning first "don't make me card you" - but all 3 of them (ages 10, 7, and 3!) know exactly what happens if they get the yellow card - or the red!"

Quick 15-Second Explainer Video:

You definitely don't need to watch this. But we spent time making it, so we kinda had to include it :)
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