Letter to the Incubate 8 (07-26-17)
[I'm writing it on here because it's easier for me to create sections and post relevant images this way -- and I feel like we kinda haven't had great luck with me emailing you guys projects this summer, so I figured this might be better]

First, I apologize for not being able to manage our working relationship this summer as well as I would have liked...
Although, in my defense, the following is actually an exact quote from what I sent you on June 5th: "Admittedly unfair, hypocritical, potentially-annoying: I’m not organized, but you will need to be. I’m not detail-oriented, but you will need to be. I’m not good at follow-up, but you will need to be." :)

Anyway, regardless of whatever has and hasn't gotten done so far, let's take an assessment of where things currently stand and see what we can get done with whatever time is left in the summer and, ideally, figure out an efficient way to work together beyond the summer for those of you still interested...

What I would like to get from you guys is:
- an update on
anything you're currently working on, the current status, and if/when you think you'll be able to complete it or have something to show me.... (Groups/Tags? Templates for images? Other?)
- an updated estimate of how many days/hours you guys have left in your summer, and if anyone is going to be able to make it in this Saturday or Sunday.  

Based on all of the above, we can decide what else it makes sense for you to be working on with whatever time you have left this summer - and what, if anything you'd have the time/interest to work on during your spare time during the school year... [I think I mentioned to some of you that I just went ahead and did several things myself that I had asked/emailed some of you about, so let's try to re-create all To Do lists from this point forward]


  • Aman, you've done some great work on templates - thanks! (Remind me to show you how I'm planning to use them) ... Still need a few more though if you can:
    - Page Template: No Nav, No Header, YES FOOTER
    - Collection Template: No Nav, No Header, YES FOOTER
    - And, less important, but still potentially useful, a few blog templates:
    --- Blog Pages:  No Nav, No Header, No Footer
    --- Blog Pages: No Nav, No Header, Yes Footer
    --- Blog Pages: No Nav, Yes Header, Yes Footer
    --- Blog Pages: No Nav, Yes Header, No Footer

 Aman or Others - Some Shopify things that COULD be helpful - should at least be looked into


Tim, video stuff (templates first - then once we finalize, we can create many more)

  • - Video Template for 10+ Humor Hotlines (
  • - Video Template to turn the AUDIO RESPONSES from this page into video...  (I can explain more)
  • - Video Template for many Definitions Delivered audio files (same link as above, further down the page), or, a few samples here:
  • - Video Template for Yo Mama audio:

    P.S. FYI for Tim and Others:

    • 12+ AUDIO RESPONSES (that can be downloaded as MP3’s and  shared via text, email, messenger, wherever)
    • 12+ VIDEO RESPONSES (initially likely super simple with “My Response Is…” logo as the initial youtube thumbnail image… and possibly the corresponding image response as the second/primary image… while the corresponding audio comment plays as the audio of the clip… things to consider – An audio-brand that says Or A secondary logo for TheWhateverNetwork?
    • 12+ IMAGE RESPONSES (initially simple – again to be downloaded
      and shared via text, messenger, social media comments, etc.) Examples:

    PROJECTS - MELVIN? Modals?

     I hear you've got experience with modal pop-ups? Can you see if you can figure out a good way to allow us to use modals as a way to pop-up more info on something without taking people off the page? So if was writing "We have audio, video, cards, coins, etc." and I wanted each of those 4 words to pop up a blurb about that category, but I don't want to encourage anyone leaving the page they're on...   I can explain better in person if that's not clear...

    PROJECTS - Continued

    So, for the rest of you... I had started making a much bigger list of projects, but I realized that I was re-writing many projects that I had already written up before (in emails, in the original powerpoint from early June, etc.)... And I realized that a lot of those projects that I already spent time writing up, never actually got worked on (either because they weren't clearly written by me? or because they never actually got read by you guys? or because I didn't follow-up and check up on progress? or because they just somehow slipped through the cracks for other reasons?)  

    Anyway, so I think I'm actually going to stop there for now because I'm also realizing I have no idea what the current status of any current/outstanding projects are or even how many days/hours you guys all have left... So I don't want to waste more hours writing up projects that will never get done for whatever reason, without being able to talk to you guys about stuff first... I'm hoping some of you can make it to ATV Saturday or Sunday - or we can try again for a google hangout call tomorrow... I could do 1030 to 1130 or 2:30 to 5:30... of, again, all day Satruday and Sunday at ATV for whoever can make it...  I really want to get a product last week or 2 out of you guys so we all know where we stand when it comes time to negotiate ongoing profit-sharing beyond the summer (because I DO plan to start launching promoting many things very soon (and I'm sorry I hadn't gotten further along this summer)... 

    Other projects off the top of my head, no particualr order, no particular person, but we'd likely have to have a conversation if anyone was interested - and you'd need to convince me hyou were interested enough to put the time in to really own the project...

    All of these would need discusion, but: off the top of my head:

    - Add our Audio Content to TuneCore so our audio can be on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

    - Create a working test page that gives away an mp3 file in exchange for someone signing up for our mailchimp list: 

    - 100+ Cards (Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thinking Of You, Sympathy, Good Luck, Thank You, Valentines, Christmas / Happy Holidays, Congratulations, etc.)

    - 100+ Social Media Images (for each of our top sites, collections, products, etc.)

    - 100+ Audio Product Images (for MP3 Downloads, for Humor Hotlines, for Premium Purchased Phone Numbers)

    NON-Graphic Design:

    - 100+ Tweet-length Descriptions for each of our sites, collections, products, etc.

    - 100+ Stickers added via TeeLaunch into Collection:

    - Create Products/Collections/Groups/Tags/etc. (for audio, cards, shirts, etc.)

    - Create a full t-shirt brand for each of Printful, TeeLaunch, and Cimpress Open. Compare pros/cons. Discuss with Jeff. Decide on the winning strategy. Create 100+ Tshirt Products (or 10+ Tshirt Collections)

    - Create Excel Sheet for 100+ influential writers/bloggers for all our stuff... [Examples: Relationship Writers who write about "red flags" in relationships - for writers who wrote about "" - for etc. etc.]

    - Does anyone want to do a DEEP DIVE and become AN EXPERT at something and be in charge of it?  --- not to just mess around with, but to really own and dive into:

    --- Shipping? (will require an ongoing commitment of at least one day a week, ideally two)

    --- Facebook Advertising (will required 40+ hours of reading/studying/practicing - and even then you might not get great enough to convince me to hand over more than $10 test budgets)

    --- Social Media Management (one, some or all of FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) -- will require a lot of practice posts until you can convince me you know what you're doing (the ideal image sizes - for desktop and mobile? ... the ideal post length for each medium? how to make sure the right preview images and descriptions show up when a link is posted on FB, Twitter, etc.

    BIG PROJECTS that you'd need to prove you're really the right person for:

    Run our Shopify/Facebook Channel and get XX% of profits from any sales from Facebook. 

    Run our Shopify/Pinterest Channel and get XX% of profits from any sales from Pinterest.

    Run our Shopify/Amazon Channel and get XX% of profits from any sales from Amazon.

    Create 100+ Individual Cards that Jeff has outlined
    (My Wish Is... - My Dream Is... - My Hope Is... - Public Vision Board - My Confession Is...)
    (Unsubscribe, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Like, Follow, Buffering, Loading, Ok Google, Siri, Alexa...)
    (Many holidays.... Many motivational/inspirational... Many jokes/humor cards... Many weird/prank cards, etc.)
    - 10+ things in Wingdings (plus premium service for custom entries)
    - 10+ things in Braille (plus premium service for custom entries)
    - 10+ things in Morse Code (plus premium service for custom entries)
    - 10+ things in Binary (plus premium service for custom entries)
    (NOTE: The above 4 for and

    Bottom line, LOTS still to do! I know things haven't gone super smoothly thus far, but if we discuss our respective problems (my disorganization and A.D.D. and lack of follow-up) and maybe you guys being a little more confused, passive,and/or less committed than we'd hoped initially?  Regardless, I'm not giving up on you guys - unless you want me to. And I think we can turn this around and make next week the most productive week we've had all summer!!!

    Sorry email is so long and lacking in detail... Let me know if anyone wants to chat my phone tomorrow, but hopefully youll all be able to make it to ATV on Saturday or Sunday!!!