Fans of *[the Football Team in New England]* should all CALL or TEXT:
(or just see below for a preview/spoiler/time-saver)

* LEGAL NOTE: We've been informed we can't use the name of any team, player, or league. #RogerThat 

P.S. What are the chances we can get A MILLION OF THESE #GOAT CARDS floating around New England?? [NOTE: That's only 1000 people buying a box of 1000, so not AS crazy as "a million" initially sounds]

P.S. We can't use names or logos or the league would likely sue us... But if you don't know who this GOAT represents, well, then these cards are definitely NOT for you!

P.P.S. Anybody ordering the GOAT cards will also get some FREE "28-3 Motivation Cards"... Anybody ordering a box of 100 or more GOAT cards will also get some  FREE "28-3 Motivation Cards"...

We just kinda have a feeling they'll appeal to the same audience :)



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