(more details soon, but below is a simple overview of this simple program)

Many people like FREE STUFF!
Many companies (particularly startups) are looking for 
A) honest FEEDBACK (both positive and negative) on their new products
B) ways to INFORM people about their new products/services/updates/offers/etc. without being annoying or spammy.

#MarketingHonesty #MarketingTransparency #MarketingWhatever #FreeIfYouAgree
This simple program will allow people to receive stuff for FREE (products, services, content, memberships, samples, etc.) - IF YOU AGREE to a few simple (honest/transparent!) things...


1A) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide us with honest and private feedback (positive or negative).

1B) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide negative feedback to us (privately!) and to share positive feedback on social media (publicly!)

1C) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to simply let us tell you about our other products/services/offers/etc. in the future - by signing up for our email newsletter, following us on social media, etc. (Details TBD)

Launching Soon!!!
Please use the form below to indicate why we should select you to be one of the first ~100 people to RECEIVE FREE STUFF.  
P.S. Also use the form below to let us know if you are a company looking to potentially GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF.