1. Many people like FREE STUFF!
2. Many companies (particularly startups) are looking for A) honest FEEDBACK (positive and negative) and B) non-spammy ways to INFORM people about new products, services, updates, etc. 

#MarketingHonesty #MarketingTransparency #MarketingWhatever #FreeIfYouAgree is a simple program allowing people to receive [products, services, content, memberships, samples... whatever!] for FREE! - IF YOU AGREE to a few simple (honest/transparent!) things!

1A) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide us with honest and private feedback (positive or negative!)


1B) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to provide negative feedback to us (privately!) and to share positive feedback on social media (publicly!)

1C) FREE IF YOU AGREE... to simply let us tell you about our other products/services/offers/etc. in the future - by signing up for our email newsletter, following us on social media, etc. (Details TBD)


- FREE "Minutes" at IF YOU AGREE to provide some good / real starter content - by submitting your messages as if you had paid for them yourselves - rather than just "test test i got this for free blah blah" :)  -  so that we have a good 100 or so submissions before we start publicly promoting the site elsewhere  
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