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  • The SHORT Explanation:
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue;
Not a Fan of "Swipe Apps?"
This MIGHT Be For YOU:

  • The LONG Explanation... 

TEN (10) REASONS Why This (Unconventional) Dating/Matchmaking Model MIGHT Make Sense For SOME People...

1. If you believe that one of the most important things in life is to find the right person to fall in love with, to marry, and to spend the rest of your life with...

 ...then why wouldn't you do everything in your power - including taking the unconventional approach of asking for help and offering financial incentive/reward for that help - to give yourself a better shot to find that person?!?

2. If you question just how well the normal/traditional/existing methods work...

 ... With no disrespect intended to those already married (happily or not), let's be honest - we're not talking about a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"... How many marriages end in divorce? How many marriages involve cheating? How many marriages are just not what YOU want your marriage to look like (constant arguing/fighting? emotional indifference? only staying together for the kids?).

3. If you recognize that the further away from college-age you get, the fewer new (single) people you meet...

 ... Obviously everyone is different, but, for many people: you see the same people every day at work, you go out with the same groups of friends each weekend, etc. Even if you're going out a lot (bars/restaurants, sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, bar crawls, festivals, etc.), despite the presence of hundreds or even thousands of people, you're not often "meeting" many new people, you're just “seeing" many new people. And rarely is anyone thinking to introduce you to new people, because, well, that's just not normally what people are thinking about and there's never really been any incentive to do so (until now?!).

4. If you feel like too many people end up “settling” for one of two things...

... A) whomever they just happen to be dating around "that time" when they start feeling like they should be getting married soon?
... B) the best option from a very small pool of people that chance/luck or normal methods happen to put them in contact with (around “that time”)?

5. If you believe that your future happiness is MUCH too important to just leave it to chance or luck...

 ... Maybe “fate” and “destiny” are real things (or maybe they’re just nice fantasy ideas like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus?)... Regardless, you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain!) by proactively taking steps to shape your own future and taking/creating a different path (the whole idea behind this website) – rather than just leaving it to chance or luck. 

6. If you admit you’re picky - but have no intention of changing that (because you have no interest in “settling”)...

 ... Maybe you’re a hopeless (hopeful?) romantic... maybe you’re not just looking for an attractive, cool person who you get along with. (And, maybe it’s frustrating knowing that others will say "What the hell is wrong with you?! That should be exactly what you're looking for and you should feel damn lucky when you find it!"). Maybe you’re actually looking for more... that amazing (and often indescribable) connection... someone you won’t even need to THINK about whether or not to continue dating, whether or not to get engaged, whether or not you want to spend the rest of your lives together – because you can’t imagine NOT being together. Yes, you’re picky, but you’re looking for someone you can't help but fall completely in love with -- and who is equally in love with you, as you realize that love and marriage are two-way streets!

7. If you acknowledge the reality that money can be a powerful motivator - for better or worse...

 ... Throughout history, money has served as motivation for many BAD things (corruption, theft, murder, and more!), so why not get creative and use money as motivation for GOOD things?!
[EDITOR’S NOTE FROM JEFF: I initially ran this whole idea by some friends and the responses of MANY of them were best summed up by my friend Bill - "Seriously?! $10,000?! Heck, I'll introduce you to whoever you want! Let's look through my Facebook friends right now and just tell me who you want to meet!!" - I had been friends with Bill for 10 years! But the thought of helping me find my future wife had simply never occurred to him. And why would it? People are busy, they have their own lives to worry about, and introducing people is usually a thankless job. But if this website (and the financial incentive) will entice others to keep me top-of-mind and introduce me to some great girls, one of whom could be my future wife, well, then I think I owe it to myself to make that investment in my future happiness.]

8. If you recognize the value of more INTRODUCTIONS – casual, no-big-deal, no-pressure, no-expectations introductions – (as opposed to set-ups or blind dates)...

 ... Once you’re introduced to someone (casually - in person, electronically, whatever), you'll still decide, as you normally/currently do, if you want to exchange contact info, ask them out, etc. (and, of course, they'll decide the same thing)...

9. This model can eliminate (or at least reduce) a few common dating frustrations...

 ... Have you ever found out (after MUCH longer than you'd have liked!) some things about the person you're dating that would have been deal-breakers / non-starters if you'd known them up front? When you date strangers (that you met at a bar, online, on a dating app, etc.), you can't possibly know right away who is really looking for a relationship vs. who is just looking to hook up or date for fun, you can't possibly know (without asking) if you are on the same page about drinking/drugs, marriage/kids, religion/politics, cheating/monogamy, etc. etc. But your friends know you! And your friends know the person they'd be introducing you to!
[For example: My friend XXXXXX goes to church every Sunday and really wants to get married and have kids. My friend XXXXX just wants to "bang as many hotties" as possible. Obviously, I wouldn't introduce them!]

9b. Speaking of "Friends of Friends"...

Editor's Note: ADMITTEDLY-OUTDATED REFERENCE BELOW. This was written years ago, back when Facebook was actually THE Social Media platform that EVERYONE was on.

 ... Have you ever clicked the "See All" link in Facebook's "People You May Know" tool? It's actually pretty interesting/amazing to see how many people you actually do NOT know, but with whom you share MANY mutual friends. There are literally 10,000+ girls with whom I share at least 3 mutual friends; but I would likely never normally/naturally meet most of them if I just left it to chance or luck. So if putting this site up encourages friends of mine to think about which of their friends I might like to meet (or even to outright ask me which of their friends I might like to meet!), well, I guess that's basically the goal here.

10. WHY NOT?!?!?!?

 ... Fear? Embarrassment? Vulnerability? Because it's never been done this way before? Because it's normally taboo to publicly discuss feelings / emotions / love? Are those good enough reasons to not give this a shot? – particularly if some (all?) of these 10 reasons make sense to you and you could legitimately see this increasing your chances of finding the person and the marriage you’re looking for!?

Contact us for more info - particularly if A) you want to help us build this as a real startup and/or B) you think this model might be right for YOU!

P.S. Explainer Video A? or B?

What's your vote? Which one should we go with?
A. (15-seconds)

B. (18-seconds)

Contact us for more info - particularly if A) you want to help us build this as a real startup and/or B) you think this model might be right for YOU!

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