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ATLANTA, Georgia  For the 4th consecutive year, Atlanta-based entrepreneur Jeff Goldblatt has received the JD Power & Associates Award for "America's Most A.D.D. Entrepreneur." 

Dubbed "The Forgetful Founder" (by someone whose name he now can't remember), Jeff has now written 219 articles (on startups and viral marketing) that he has yet to publish, he owns 327 domain names for potentially-viral concepts he has yet to launch, his office is cluttered with boxes of inventory for 100+ products he has yet to release, and... 

Wait... THERE'S MORE??

He has the memory of a dented ping-pong ball... the organizational skills of a pile of leaves on a windy day... the time-management skills of an hourglass filled with peanut butter... and an overly-sensitive aversion to illogical reasoning, aimless small talk, and cilantro.

He possesses the most extreme characteristics (good and bad) of being extraordinarily INTP & ADD, resulting in a nasty habit of getting ~80% DONE* with [whatever], then getting bored/distracted (after the dopamine-rush of the initial challenge fades), often just stopping right in the mi

*80% Done = ???

*Here's a pretty typical example of Jeff's inability to control his own brain...
While initially writing the sentence above (about only being ~80% Done with everything), his brain inexplicably moved on to this sequence of thoughts: 

"80% DONE"
"80% D"
       = "80 D"
          = "I am 80 D"
             = "I am A-D D"

                = *I should buy that domain name!

WOW! This guy sounds like a F***ING NIGHTMARE to work with!

In some cases, YES!  
BUT... with all that said, he has also created MORE VIRAL VENTURES (50+), ENGAGING MORE PEOPLE (half a Billion!) THAN ANYONE ELSE IN ATLANTA (details available upon request) and has some unique experience, insights, and innovative new **S.H.I.T. to Share!
 **[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]
and 4 out of 5 dentists agree that it could be GAME-CHANGING for Idea Stage / Early Stage entrepreneurs! 

Sooo, what's that famous quote -

"If you can't handle my worst... something something... deserve my best... something something... let's launch viral sh*t and improve startup success/fail rates... something something..."

-- We're pretty sure that's exactly
how Marilyn Monroe said it.


PART-Time Entrepreneurs Wanted!

All of our new *S.H.I.T.
*[(Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories)
from &]

...will be tested and demonstrated
(and hopefully validated!) via the shared resources and economies of scale of our cross-promotional "Whatever Network" of...

Products as Content as Marketing as...
100+ "Starter Startups?!"

[Wait, Wait, Wait... WHAT?!?]


…we might not have a single thing that (mathematically / statistically) makes sense for an entrepreneur to bet on (to put money into — or even to put TIME into) —  as a Startup, as a Side Hustle, or even just as a Hobby!  (Regardless of whether your goal is ~$10 Million or ~$100,000 or even just ~$1000!)  


We believe there are HUGE benefits and efficiencies  to be gained from... shared resources, economies of scale, a cross-promotional "Product-Content-Marketing-WHATEVER Network", and some innovative new **S.H.I.T. we'll be sharing --
**[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories] -- from & 

EDITOR'S NOTE: As unconventional as our approach may be, please try to keep in mind:


NOTE: If you're more interested in the WHAT [some of the actual 365+ "Pick-Promote-Profit" Products that our potential partners (Co-Founders? Program-participants? Contest/challenge competitors?) can select from, feel free to just scroll down and skip these sections.

100+ Articles / Blogs / Columns at: 

THOUGHTS & THEORIES (Pertaining to Pervasive Problems & Prominent Pitfalls)

All 14 of the Columns above (and many more Thoughts & Theories Pertaining to Problems & Pitfalls) at:



1. My First Epiphany -  Most entrepreneurs / founders will put “CEO” on their first business card when starting a company. And I was no different back when I started my first company. But I quickly eventually realized a few things... (full column soon)

Spoiler Alert:

A. STARTING a business

B. OPERATING a business (successfully)

C. SCALING that business (into a larger company)

2. "I'm Fired?!?" - In 2007, I made the (difficult) decision to “fire myself” as CEO of my first company - and it quickly became the BEST decision of my entrepreneurial career! Six months later, we had raised $850,000 in funding - and six months after that, we were a profitable 7-figure company... (full column soon)

3. Strengths, Weaknesses, and #SelfAwareness - I SUCK AT MANY THINGS!  I am great at a few things. My (relatively unique) experience/expertise is creating/evaluating viral concepts with the potential to reach/engage huge audiences... (full column soon) 

[Additional Columns at]

4. From a small JOKE  to a Million-Dollar Startup - 
The Rejection Hotline / Humor Hotlines / RH Brands -  #MyStartupStory ... (full column soon)
5. The Stomach-Punch Feeling of Losing 4 Million Dollars... (full column soon) 
6. My Battle With Burnout...  (full column soon) 
7. My INTP Epiphany... (full column soon) 
8. My ADD Epiphany... (full column soon) 
9.  Entrepreneurial ADD - Curse or Gift? ... (full coming soon)
  10.  80% Done... (then I lose interest and my brain gets hyper-focused on a new challenge... 
  11.  An Open (Thank You) Letter to Mark Suster - which (ironically? coincidentally? embarrassingly?) has sat on my laptop, 80% DONE, for over a year...(full coming soon)

Jeff Goldblatt is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur with ~15 years experience with various B2C startups (and an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School). As creator of The Rejection Hotline®, 300+ Humor Hotlines, National "Get Over It Day", and 50+ viral ventures that have each/individually reached Millions of people - and have collectively engaged audiences over half a BILLION, he became a nationally-recognized authority on viral media and content creation —  
   [Extended bio - including 12+ years creating "Viral Whatever" - can be found at]


  • Intentionally Blurring Lines
    ...between Startups & Side Hustles? between Employees & Entrepreneurs? between Freelancers & Founders? between Contractors & Co-Founders?


  • PART-Time Pursuit of PROOF ( - Sacrificing Weekends And Nights) 
    Prioritizing #ObjectivityOverOptimism 
  • Multiple Eggs + Multiple Baskets = Multiple Benefits
    [A. collaborative competitions? B. competitive collaborations? (C. See what we did there?)]
( (SHORT summary)

The unifying theme, tying together & The Whatever Network (and pretty much everything we have ever done / will ever do), we are admittedly kinda obsessed with the concept... (so please skip the next tab if you don't want to read A LOT) (LONG unedited rant of premises and philosophies)

Startups? | Side Hustles?Labels? | Definitions? | Perspectives? | Goals? | Optimistic vs. Realistic? & Positivity vs. Objectivity? | Risk/Reward? | Success Metrics? | Strategies? | Status Quo Bias?

A: WHAT IF WE... ?

B: WHAT IF WE... Change our Perspective on GOALS, BENEFITS, and SUCCESS METRICS associated with these “Products”...

… going beyond just sales, revenue, profit - perhaps to also include value more traditionally associated with CONTENT and MARKETING?? For example:

Lead Generation? Customer Discovery / A-B Testing? Brand Awareness? Brand Personality? Establishing Relevance / Expertise? Customer Entertainment / Engagement? Customer Loyalty / Evangelism? Boost Web Traffic? Gain Fans/Followers? Re-Targeting Data? — etc. etc.

Comedy genius, Mitch Hedberg (RIP), has a classic observation on escalators — that they can never break, they just become some other (also useful) thing.
We like to think of our PRODUCTS this way... “OUR PRODUCTS CAN’T FAIL! If they don’t generate revenue, they simply become content or marketing for the products that DO generate revenue...”

C) WHAT IF WE… Change our perspective when calculating and evaluating costs (for Cost/Benefit Analysis?) and focus on AVERAGE COSTS (i.e. Cost per Product)?!?

Learning curves SUCK! Countless hours (and dollars) spent researching or coding or experimenting/testing via trial and error… but, once you finally figure it out!? The 2nd, 5th, 10th time (that you do almost anything!) is significantly easier, faster, cheaper than the first. So, Resources Required (dollars, hours, people, etc.) on a *PER PRODUCT* Basis are dramatically decreased — via #MultipleEggs in #MultipleBaskets benefiting from #SharedResources and #EconomiesOfScale

Launching/testing TEN (10?!) PRODUCTS might sound RIDICULOUS… And we agree — it is ridiculous — if, If, IF, *IF*each is being launched/tested individually (i.e., the "normal" way).

As part of our Product-Content-Marketing-Whatever Network? Each benefiting from Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, and a Cross-Promotional “Network Effect”  -- for example, all TEN (10) collectively launched/managed via ONE (1) e-commerce account, ONE (1) MailChimp account, ONE (1) Google AdWords / Facebook Ad account, ONE (1) Google Analytics account, ONE (1) Social Media manager, ONE (1) account / license / expenditure OF ALMOST EVERYTHING [that would have required TEN (10) if they were launched individually!?]?!?

Your *PER PRODUCT* COSTS (money, time, etc.) are DRAMATICALLY REDUCED — making it no big deal if there is no significant revenue/profit resulting directly from any given product (or any 3, or 5, or 7, or even 9 of the 10 products?!)

D: And (easier said than done, but)... WHAT IF WE treat team-building like a coach might assemble an All-Star Team?

  • When people are truly GREAT at something, they tend to not only be better, but also faster than most everyone else. In part because:
  • Experienced experts often have no costly learning curves to struggle through (#BeenThereDoneThat)...
  • Experienced (faster) experts arguably make PART-Time teams of ALL-STARS better than Full-Time teams of average 9-to-5ers...
  • I've yet to see a startup fail because it launched in 4 months instead of 2, or in 6 months instead of 3. [I'm sure they exist, i've just never personally seen it.]
  • PART-Time additions to unproven Idea Stage startups ("Starter Startups") are MUCH easier to pitch to potential team members or Co-Founders. In part because:
    • Going All-In / Full-Time (on a new Startup) is a HUGE RISK!
    • Starting PART-Time ("Starter Startups") is LESS NETFLIX!
P.S. Speaking of All-Star teams that allow people to do (almost exclusively) what they are GREAT at... Almost everything we do via The Whatever Network will apply some of our EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, and LESSONS LEARNED...

This? vs. These?

Since our creation of The Original Rejection Hotline (15+ years ago!), we have created 50+ VIRAL VENTURES that have collectively engaged 495+ MILLION people! We have also learned A LOT that we look forward to sharing & teaching - about virality, viral content, viral products, viral marketing, VIRAL WHATEVER!



Created back in the early 2000's, THE REJECTION HOTLINE® was a funny fake phone number ("Hello, this is not the person you were trying to reach...") and it was the first of our 300+ HUMOR HOTLINES and the start of a great run – 10+ years, 475 Million phone calls, a fun 7-figure business, millions of fans – but, sadly, we were forced to sell off the 2500+ phone numbers and shut down the company in 2014 :(


But a comeback of sorts is now underway... / /

Products/Content: 300+ individual audio tracks (MP3s and/or Humor Hotlines) - Most audio can temporarily be found here:

Potential Models to Discuss & Test 

  • FREE MP3 downloads?  (Products as Content as Marketing?)
  • PAID/PREMIUM MP3 downloads? 
  • FREE HUMOR HOTLINE NUMBERS (audio/calls only?) 
  • PAID/PREMIUM (2.0) HOTLINE Numbers (calls and/or text-backs). 
  • $0.99? (number only guaranteed for 30 days?)
    $1.99? (number guaranteed for a year and/or receive an email with the new number any time we swap it out?)
    Packages and/or Subscriptions? New numbers monthly
  • CUSTOM and/or PERSONALIZED Numbers??

(Note: The following may be OLD LISTS - and will need to be double-checked before assigning or promoting) 

CATEGORIES?,,,,,,,,, ( Audio + Video + Images)...
MORE (Jeff, find lists)

Concept-Specific MICRO-SITES:

Examples of some original / audio-only hotlines:

Examples of some new / Premium Numbers (calls AND TEXTS!)

  • 401-200-4628
  • xxx-xxx-xxxx



note to self - see which pieces of above and below are duplicated - Collaborative Competitions?

  • Everyone in program would pick one of these?
    Or one from EACH group??
    [Manage, Market, Monetize! / Pick, Promote, Profit!]
    • 12+ FREE Humor Hotlines 
    • 12+ Premium Humor Hotlines 
    • 12+ FREE MP3 Downloads 
    • 12+ Premium MP3 Downloads 
    • 12+ Micro-Sites 
    • 12+ AudioWhatever Content/Category Sites Stuff:

CALLING ALL Twilio/Plivo Developers! 
MANY projects!!  (Talk to us!) - Among our many phone-related ideas/domains, we also have:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Examples of Text-Backs related to Popular Movies that Jeff has been meaning to set back up...



May the odds be ever in your favor. 

I am one with The Force; The Force is with me. I am one with The Force; The Force is with me. I am one with The Force; The Force is with me. Examples:

NO, we do NOT think t-shirts are a good business idea (overly-crowded space, no barriers to entry, etc.). HOWEVER… 
A) our “Products as Content as Marketing” philosophy creates value beyond sales, 
B) Tshirts are an easy, no-risk way to test MANY strategies & marketing initiatives —
C) plus we do have a few new outside-the-bulb “ReThinking Tshirts” concepts we’ve been sitting on for a while!

Products as Content as Marketing as...

33 T-Shirt Shops?!?  x  33 Designs Each?!?  =  999 T-SHIRTS?!? 

Note: This page would be 3 times as long as it already is if I explained every rationale, viral premise, cross-promotional tie-in, etc. for each concept below. Just trust me when I say that NONE are just a random thought of "hey, let's put XYZ on a tshirt"
Please ASK US about any that you are intrigued by (or confused by)... 

In no particular order:

Note: It's not about these particular designs - it's about the drawing/coloring on shirts concept, the coloring book drawings on shirts, the Crayola potential, etc. 
    #Truth #BestBabyGiftEver



    MANY "Fill In The _____ Shirts" Concepts for You to Choose From!

    P.S. And perhaps internal competitions where everyone picks one of these?

    Always Be Yourself. (Unless You Can Be ______!) 
    Life is _____!
    YO_O... You Only _____ Once
    XXL Property Of _______________
    Don't Worry; Be ______________
    If At First You Don't Succeed, ____________
    Kiss Me, I'm __________
    I'm With ____________
    My _________ Went to ________ And All I Got Was This Damn Tshirt!
    JUST _______ IT!
    VOTE FOR _________
    I [heart] __________.
    Keep Calm And ________.
    Straight Outta _________.
    _________ AF!
    My Spirit Animal Is _______.



    • A) vs. 


    • A) vs. B)


    • /


    ***But, remember, we're constantly A-B Testing EVERYTHING, so... 
    Why not share resources, duplicate everything, and also test...

    #MultipleEggs #MultipleBaskets #SharedResources #EconomiesOfScale #CompetingWhileCollaborating

    P.S. And if we're already doing WingDings... and Binary... is it really THAT much extra time/effort to also do Morse Code? or Braille? or Chinese? or Russian? or...?

    P.P.S. And if we're already creating/marketing, why not also use it as an umbrella to test 5, 10, or 20 other stand-alone concepts that could also make sense under that same theme of "Confusing"... 

    P.P.P.S. Be sure to ask us about how "The Whatever Network" would not only cross-promote the MANY other brands/shops, but also tying together multiple product/content/whatever "verticals" - for example & & under yet another layer of resource-sharing via! [Seriously, our MASTER PLAN goes ridiculously deep!]






    • A) vs. B)

    Note: If you haven't heard the country song that references this, just skip this one
    (perhaps part of






    • A) vs. B)

    This will not be for everyone,
    but sometimes we A-B Test
    "PG" vs. "Rated-R"


    And, as you'll notice is our pattern, we are constantly cross-promoting related products/content - even though it may be an entirely different team of entrepreneurs running these other sites - for example:


    Sorry, I got a little distracted...
    So, where was I?
    Oh, right, T-Shirts! Examples
    Re-Thinking: Business Cards and/or Postcards 
    - as a smaller/cheaper alternative to traditional greeting cards?
    - as a new (cheaper!) Creative Content Canvas? 
    - as a mini Publishing Platform?!? 
    - as a physical representation, pass-around version, of internet memes?!

    A:  Re-Thinking traditional GREETING CARDS...

    NOTE: T-shirts are the most common canvas for commercialized creative expression... But, what if there was another canvas for creative commercial expression that was 1000x cheaper and easier to produce? 1000x lighter in weight for shipping? That fit easily in pockets, wallets, purses, and was easily distributed (as a hand-out, a leave-behind, slid under a door or into a locker, etc.)?   

    B, C, D, E, F... "Business Cards" as a new/cheap/mini content canvas:
    Humor, Art, Social Movements, FYI Messages, Political Statements, Random Nonsense, Inspiration/Motivation... anything you've seen on t-shirts (or online image memes?!), we're gonna put it on cards! Will they ALL catch on and/or go viral? Of course not! But we're pretty good at creating/understanding viral content - and we can distribute a THOUSAND cards, for the same cost as ONE Tshirt! And every card is simultaneously: the product, the content, AND the marketing - ALL IN ONE!

    NOTE: Most will not have a unique domain name, but here are some that might: - Happy Birthday MINI-cards

    [part of?]
    Daily Dose of Cuteness (

    [part of?] - "Happy Hump Day" Video A:

    100+ Varieties Ready For Launch (100,000+ cards in physical inventory)... 100+ New (Better!) Designs Coming Soon -- IN NEED OF DESIGNER PARTNER/CO-FOUNDER/ETC.

    MINI Greeting Cards  |  Motivation  |  Reminders & Notifications  |  Functional / Useful  |  Humor (PG)  |  Confusing  |  Rated-R (  |  Miscellaneous   ALL



    Quick Explainer Video (15 SECONDS)

    Short story: Confuse your friends by sending them CONFUSING STUFF in the mail - starting at only $1.00?!
    Longer story: Please ask Jeff to explain the strategic and viral principles involved with!

    B. (several varieties explained in section)

    C. [any number of products that make you say evoke a response of confusion ("WTF?!")]


    1. Spend a Dollar... to CLAIM A MINUTE?!?
    Dedicate a minute...?
    Sponsor a minute...?
    Gift a minute...?

    2. Spend a Dollar... to Send Messages to Dead Friends or Relatives?!? (wait, what?!?)

    3. Spend a Dollar... to CONFESS YOUR SINS?!?
    (And Receive a "Get Out of Hell, Free" GUARANTEE?!?) 

     4. Spend a Dollar... to SEND SOMEONE AN EMPTY ENVELOPE! (wait, what?! - and WHY?!)

    5. Spend a Dollar... to SAVE A PENNY?!?

    6. Spend a Dollar... to instantly (literally!?) BECOME A MILLIONAIRE!


    7 - 100:  To be announced at our info sessions to be launched via our PART-Time Programs!


     A) Please ask us to explain what "Motivation Marks" are and the premises behind them.
    B) One of our ideas for a head-to-head competition between 2 teams is vs.
    C) MANY Motivation Cards! (and subscription ideas - particularly for "Office Moms" or community leaders or you know the type, the overly peppy "Happy Monday!" people :)

    D. This seems as a good a place as any to mention that we have ~100 yet-to-be-released video teasers for many of the concepts on this page.

    F. Kinda the complete opposite of motivation, but one of our columns that I think is super-important to get people to understand is: 

    “NEVER QUIT!” is Great Motivational Advice - IN SPORTS. (Because "NEVER" = "MINUTES" for ATHLETES). But... Holy Shit! Please stop "encouraging" ENTREPRENEURS to "NEVER QUIT"... That is reckless / dangerous advice when “NEVER” is YEARS or… FOREVER!?! [Good motivational advice from sports is literally RUINING LIVES in Startups!] [Full column]

    A perfect application of learnings (from our 40+ INDIVIDUAL Humor Hotlines going viral, despite the COLLECTION of 300 hotlines simply serving as a shared resources / inventory management page). 100+ Penny designs — MANAGED COLLECTIVELY / MARKETED INDIVIDUALLY!


      For the record, WE don't actually pull our own pranks (anymore)...

      [Over the past decade or so, we've tried to "grow up" a little - since our company founder is no longer the 20-something wise-ass/jackass/wannabe-comedian he was way back when he was launching the original Rejection Hotline, hundreds of Humor Hotlines, and was literally "The College Guy" from the sarcastic, smart-ass, snarky advice column... all while literally living in a Fraternity House - for 7 YEARS! Note: That's 7 years AFTER graduating! (what?!) #HouseMom]
      ANYWAY... While WE don't pull pranks anymore, we didn't just get rid of all our prank stuff. But now we simply provide the TOOLS and SERVICES that EVERYONE ELSE can use to pull THEIR Pranks and Jokes (on April Fools Day and/or all year!). 

      Need a phone number for an April Fools Prank?

      The PRANK ASSISTANT: 401-200-4628 

      Some "Prank Pages" to send to friends? (and maybe freak them out for half a second?), just replace “prank-whatever” in the web address below with their name. Test before sending sure, but it should still work. For example: 

    1. - "Dirty Secrets!" 
      but it’ll still come here if you change it to:

      Just copy this link to share by email, text, DM, whatever:
    3. - "Phone Hack! Sex Pics?!"
      but it’ll still come here if you change it to: 

    4. Examples

      A) Some legitimately serious concepts, for example this one, which is closer to a "more traditional tech startup" - albeit with a more non-traditional twist:

      B. Some "Serious-Yet-Also-Fun" ones:

       C. And some "Not-So-Serious" (And "NOT-SO-SAFE-FOR-WORK") Examples


      [NOTE: I am getting tired and going to bed... I'm sure it will likely be weeks/months or years before I come back and add more / finish this page]



      Examples Examples


      12+ Viral Fundraisers and/or 12 Social Movements (possibly overlapping - but all using our experience/expertise for Social Good!)


      • [TBA: Make-A-Wish Foundation concept] (2)
      • [TBA: Multiple Cancer Charities]
      • March of Dimes fundraiser concept:
      • Kindness project (multiple)
      • (Multiple Causes project)
      • /
      • /
      • (Jeff - add the rest later - causes, cards, coins, etc.)



      [I will fill this section in later... but please, someone ask me about "Viral on V"]


      Below is JUST ONE example (but a HUGE Example!) of our "Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets" approach (how we plan to re-use the same resources, processes, technology, whatever to launch/test MANY "Starter Startups!" - while simultaneously RE-THINKING traditional perspectives... on Startups? Side Hustles? Labels? Goals? Success Metrics? Status Quo Bias?)

      Would it be worth the time and effort to create any ONE of the concepts below, individually? Maybe. But Probably Not. HOWEVER, it's a totally different story - and a key part of our "Whatever Network" Master Plan - if you take all the costs FOR THE FIRST ONE (both dollars and, even more valuable, all the TIME - spent learning, building, testing, tweaking, optimizing, etc.) and divide all those dollars and hours by TEN (10 DIFFERENT MVP TESTS!)... Forget about just "A-B Testing" - this is more like A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-TESTING!

      Try to experience each one individually and try to temporarily forget that you know about all the others. We will have different teams/people marketing each concept in different ways, to different audiences - so a first time visitor will not be distracted by "oh, this is just one of many" 


      Dedicate a Minute...? 
      Sponsor a Minute...? 
      Gift a Minute...?
      There are only 525,600 Minutes...


      B. will give you "15 MINUTES OF: Self-Promotion? Frustrated Rants? Follow-Requests? WHATEVER!"



      The OFFICIAL site for sending messages to dead friends and relatives! 

      (Wait, what?!?)

      If you believe it's even POSSIBLE that Heaven exists, isn't it POSSIBLE such a perfect paradise would have Super-Fast WiFi?! So, how can you justify NOT using a site like to SEND MESSAGES TO LOVED ONES! [Only $1.00/msg]


      In association with

      Use our new ONLINE Confession Service - and receive our "No-Hell Guarantee!"


      E.'s "WISH MINUTES!" (11:11am or 11:11pm)

      NOTE: Unlike "Birthday Candle Wishes" (that must be kept secret), your "11:11 WISH-MINUTE" Wish is PUBLIC (so others can help put good "wish vibes" out there for you!), posted publicly at & via The OFFICIAL Calendar!


      NOTE: The image and video below were from the ORIGINAL iteration of - a startup concept years ago that Jeff was too busy/A.D.D. to stick with - but never stopped believed in the potential of it!] Simple concept: Officially LOG YOUR PREDICTION (time-stamp, date-stamp, official certificate and PL serial number, etc.) and forever have PROOF that YOU CALLED IT!
      The site may or may not make a comeback at some point (IF Jeff can find  partners interested in running it!) - either the full version (a fully-functional Ruby on Rails mobile-friendly site, database connectivity, search functionality, interactive up/down-voting, etc. - code available for anyone who wants to take a look) or, perhaps a simpler/dumbed-down version using the interface shared by all the concepts above... If interested, below is 2-Minute Product Demo of the old/original site:

      G, H, I, J...

      There are more, but if you check out at least 2 of the above, you'll get the point (on the variety).  

      A few more currently under construction:

      P.S. If, IF, IF you enjoy Rated-R humor, memes, etc. there is an entire portfolio of products you can choose from!  But, if that's NOT your thing, I promise there are PLENTY more focused around more wholesome topics! :) (,,,

      Currently (temporarily?) ALL concepts above will have their submissions displayed (Publicly! #UserGeneratedContent) via ONE MASTER CALENDAR. Any/all can be spun off into a separate site with it's own calendar if/when it makes sense to do so.


      The OFFICIAL Calendar
      (Minutes, Moments, Messages, Memories, and Much More!)

      And, remember, there are only...

      ...525,600 Minutes!

      Claim YOUR Minutes (above) or Merch (below) - Before Time Runs Out!

      And each one of the above could (will?) have a different person or team running it - as a real "Starter Startup" - competing with each other, but also collaborating on what's working, what's not, best-practices, etc. (because, at the end of the day, we're all on the same team!)
      to potentially work with us!!!

      Ignore Below for now -- most already appears above anyway

      Ignore Below for now -- most already appears above anyway Examples

      • vs.
      • vs.
      • / / /
      • MANY Micro-Sites:,, find full list Examples:…

      Note to self:

      ... Project Win Win
      ... Proxy Post concept 
      ... Turn 1/2 bath to full bath.
      ... Evaluating SUBJECTIVE [whatever] in an OBJECTIVE way!
      ... Debate Sites (Startups? Relationships? several) -- debated by bloggers and/or collegiate debate teams
      ... Many more -- JEFF, go through years of files


      WHATEVER Categories for Internal Organization Purposes

      “Whatever” Categories — primarily just for internal organizational purposes

      1. (Overview & Objectives)  
      10+ Entrepreneurial Epiphanies & Lessons Learned:
      10+ Thoughts & Theories Pertaining to Problems & Pitfalls:
      10+ Improvement Ideas & Innovation Initiatives:
      10+ Strategically-Structured “Starter Startups" (
      10+ Part-Time “Pursuit of Proof” Programs (and/or Collaborative Competitions!) - Pitching for Participants AND Partners / Program Coordinators ( | | | | | | | / | | | | 
       —  *All our “Starter Startups” will benefit from Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, and a Cross-Promotional Network Effect as part of:
        A Cross-Promotional Network of WHATEVER  —  Products, Services, Viral Content, Social Movements, Charitable Causes, Entrepreneur Experiments, Side Hustles, Starter Startups… all benefiting from shared resources, economies of scale, and additional strategies!  
        The unifying theme tying together and The Whatever Network… 
        Just because [whatever] exists one way, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon — or re-imagined entirely!! We are kinda obsessed with this idea! [ReThinking Terminology & Definitions, ReThinking Processes & Methodologies, ReThinking Startups & Side Hustles, ReThinking Products As Content As Marketing As WHATEVER!!!]
        300+ pieces of viral audio content, originally part of a million-dollar company (The Rejection Hotline & 300+ Humor Hotlines’ phone numbers that collectively received 475 MILLION phone calls!) Sadly, the company shut down in 2014. But a comeback of sorts is now underway!
         — Partners needed to test / run / manage / market (one, some, or all of) the following: 12+ Free Humor Hotlines, 12+ Premium Humor Hotlines, 12+ Free MP3 downloads, 12+ $0.99 MP3 downloads, 12+ AudioWTF micro-sites, 12+ AudioWhatever Category Sites… 300+ tracks via SoundCloud, 300+ tracks on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc. (via TuneCore?), Premium Service: Packages or Subscriptions, Premium Service: Private/personal Hotline #s, Premium Service: CUSTOM Hotline #s… 
        Re-Thinking: Business Cards
        - as a smaller/cheaper alternative to traditional greeting cards?
        - as a new (cheaper!) Creative Content Canvas? 
        - as a mini Publishing Platform?!? 
        - as a physical representation, pass-around version, of internet memes?!
        NO, we do NOT think t-shirts are a good business idea (overly-crowded space, no barriers to entry, etc.). HOWEVER… 
        A) our “Products as Content as Marketing” philosophy creates value beyond sales, 
        B) Tshirts are an easy, no-risk way to test MANY strategies & marketing initiatives —
        D) plus we do have a few new outside-the-bulb “ReThinking Tshirts” concepts we’ve been sitting on for a while!
        A perfect application of learnings (from our 40+ INDIVIDUAL Humor Hotlines going viral, despite the COLLECTION of 300 hotlines simply serving as a shared resources / inventory management page). 100+ Penny designs — MANAGED COLLECTIVELY / MARKETED INDIVIDUALLY!
        Workshops, Experiments, Viral Thinking applied to ALL our efforts… Then, once we have 6 to 10 good team members on board, we are going to test/launch MANY new Viral Marketing campaigns!
        Several Charity-focused initiatives (ask us about them!!) PLUS, all our PARTNERS will get to PICK the charity beneficiary of the products for which they are the first or primary partner on! 
        [Pick Your Product / Choose Your Charity / Manage, Market, Monetize]
        MANY current and future phone related ventures!!! Both humor-based (the natural continuation — our original 7-figure, viral content company) AND real/serious (non-humor) services utilizing our telecom knowledge/resources… 
        Twilio and Plivo developers — contact us!!
        MANY Marketing programs, initially to help market all of OUR stuff (and help us identify great marketers, influencers, and team members!), but the more successful programs can then be spun off into real “starter startups” themselves if we think we can provide real value to OTHERS!
        Can you really buy anything cool for just a dollar?? YES, YES YOU CAN!!! We will start slowly but eventually we will have 100+ products for $1.00 or less! (Actually, it’ll probably be 1000+ products if we also include individual and products that start at $1.00. TBD whether those will be included or not.)
        The category/collection for our products that are not shirts or cards or audio or hotlines — To be determined whether products will be included here (since $1.00 IS cheap) or if we will keep the two separated and is basically everything starting at $1.01… TBD
        This is a tricky one… because we have a REAL (potentially-game-changing?!) startup concept ( intended to compete with dating apps and professional matchmakers — but we also have some funny/immature and/or R-Rated relationship products/content/jokes… Not quite sure yet how we walk that line of not making our real venture seem like a joke when it’s positioned with or or … Stay tuned!
        As much as I want all of our stuff to fit perfectly into easily-categorized buckets, there still exist many that our just too random or “other”… they will be housed/managed via the team
        Look, not all our stuff is on a high intellectual level… this is a collection of stuff that is really really dumb (possibly even immature, maybe r-rated, hopefully not offensive, but no promises!)
        Someone will run this site and just pick and choose which of our hundreds of products could be classified as “Gifts of Mom” or “Graduation gifts” or “Gifts for $1.00?!?”
        The hope is that every month we will have featured Gift Whatever and Dollar Whatever and Tshirt Whatever and Audio Whatever and Card Whatever and … etc. — each with discounts on that Monthly Whatever!
      18. / 
        — several concepts for each, but primarily will be images (free downloads?) and stickers (paid product?) with much of the same image-based content as our categories
      19.,,,, etc. etc. 
        Many topic-specific ways to group our products/content/marketing/whatever

      21–30  —  OTHER / Secondary / Future / Or potentially offered up as part of a “Pitch us on what you want to do with it… if we like it, we give you the greenlight to run with it!) / /
      OTHER — talk to Jeff

      WHATEVER (by product type)

      Product Types:
      • / /
      • /
      • /
      • (small, inexpensive, physical items)
      • (bigger ideas / longer timeline or resources required / closer to more "traditional startup" ideas)
      Product Categories / Collections / Themes / TAGS
      • /
      • (specifically for A-B Tests)

      OTHER TAGS? Subscription, Customized, Pre-Order, Rated-R
      VENDOR NAME (using this for tags for our internal purposes)
      Digital Download
      Phone Number
      Physical Product (via envelope)
      Physical Product (via package)
      [Service? Software? Content? Movement?]


      TESTING WHATEVER (links)

      The Whatever Network: Run by:

      THOUSANDS of these beautifully-crafted penny-art "WHATEVER PENNIES" have already been sold to happy customers! Some use them as keychains, some as necklaces or bracelets, and some are trying a "penny on your shoelace" trend...

      BUT, while we're thrilled with people making purchases like the ones above, we think these "Whatever Pennies" have MUCH more potential when we economically manage them collectively and creatively market them individually! 

      For example, each of our partners/teams (you?!) would select (and then Manage/Market/Monetize) one of these... 

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