Coin Whatever!

Page under construction; there will be 10 to 20 in total, here are a few teasers, previews, and first drafts: -- check it out, save/claim a penny - it'll be $1.00 when it launches for real, but we've set it to $0.01 while we get friends, family, potential team members to test it out for feedback - and to create good starter content! -- top secret, can't post about it here, but ask me when we're talking about Viral Marketing campaigns! - "Whatever Pennies"
Yes, we will have a site that has the ~100 penny options:

But, huge lesson learned from our last business success -, as a collection, never went viral - BUT, 40+ individual Humor Hotlines (including the original Rejection Hotline) DID go viral - INDIVIDUALLLY!
So, we would not expect virality from the collection:


But we DO expect virality to come from some individual marketing positioning/branding -- each would be run by an individual or team (a manager, a marketer, a designer, and influencer, etc.)



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