Much more info soon, but the quick summary is:

I've gotten pretty good over the years at creating viral concepts and content that engage large audiences to click "" for several examples of our Viral Whatever that have reached millions of people... Admittedly, some of my most successful/viral stuff "" starting with the Original Rejection Hotline has been kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, and/or R-Rated content. But I've had a few personal epiphanies recently (which I'll explain more in a blog post in the future) that kinda make me want to "grow up" a little and start creating more concepts that have a more positive impact on society. Anyway, before I get too far off-track, my plan moving forward (2017, 2018, and beyond) is to channel some of my creative abilities to create some "" designed to have a much more positive impact on society...& The Pledge: HALF of our first "Sweet 16 Startups" will HALF of all profits to charity.  ALL "Whatever Network" ventures will donate a MINIMUM of AT LEAST 10% of any/all profits from ALL ventures of The Whatever Network will be donated to various 501(c)3 charities.... (details coming soon!) ALL partners, employees, and interns of each "Whatever Network" will decide which