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This page is still under construction - check back soon and it will hopefully be a bit more organized... (,, and more!)

There are many sites with original/viral content (videos, images, text, etc.). At one time WE were THE online leader in viral AUDIO content (non-music). We intend to get back to that! The Rejection Hotline & shut down in 2013. now owns all the assets and will be re-launching much of it as: is a collection of 300+ pieces of original audio content... 10+ category/directory sites (each with 10+ pieces of original audio content), all of which originated 10+ years ago with: - Created 10+ years ago, The Rejection Hotline is a funny fake phone number to give out instead of your real number (to people who can't take a hint or won't take no for an answer). It has received more than 200 MILLION phone calls since inception. [NEW: Rejection Hotline 2.0 - now with Text-Back functionality!]  

10+ category/directory sites  
(each with 10+ tracks of original audio content),,,,,,,,, and more!


10+ single-page audio-based micro-sites 
10+ single-page, audio-based, micro-sites:,,,,,,,,,, and more!

Humor Hotlines -- HumorHotlines.comMore than 300+ varieties of "Humor Hotlines", which collectively received 475 MILLION PHONE CALLS, making RH Brands LLC a profitable 7-figure company  from 2007 to 2013 (business overview here). Some changes in the industry (in-call/mobile marketing) in 2012 forced us to sell off our 2500 phone numbers and shut down the company in 2013... BUT, a comeback attempt is now underway as part of!

As we're still getting organized, it you happen to stumble upon this page, here ya go! Note: We can't promise they'll all stay free forever! :/
THE REJECTION HOTLINE: 605-475-6968 (200+ Million Calls!)
  • Psychiatric Hotline: 605-475-6967 (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Hogwarts Admissions Office: 605-475-6961 (6 Million Calls!)
  • Bad Breath Notification: 605-475-6959 (18 Million Calls!)
  • How to Entertain An Idiot: 605-475-6962 (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Sex Addiction Intervention: 605-475-6972 (14 Million Calls!)
  • Automated Sobriety Test: 605-475-6958 (6 Million Calls!)
  • Divorce Hotline: 605-475-6960 (4 Million Calls!)
  • Human Resources: 605-475-6963 (5 Million Calls!)
  • It Could Always Suck More: 605-475-6964 (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Jury Duty Prank: 605-475-6965 (13 Million Calls!)
  • Outsource A Friendship to India: 605-475-6966 (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Angry Santa: 605-475-6971 (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Stop Complaining: 605-475-6973 (3 Million Calls!)
    10+ Category/Brand sites, each with 10+ original Tshirt Designs:
    Startup WhateverThoughts & Theories, Projects & Programs, and Startups Seeking Starters! 


        Cheap Fun Whatever (Products) 10+ Products (some new, some re-imagined uses for existing products:

        •,, EasB,, Dots, EatShit, 3-in-1, GOID (+2)


          This page is still under construction (obviously?)... check back soon and it will hopefully be a bit more organized...

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