365+ Pieces of WHATEVER!

Products, Services, Viral Content, Social Movements, Charitable Causes, Potentially-Big Traditional Tech Startups, Smaller (Lower-Tech) "Starter Startups" -- And ALL are PITCHING FOR PARTNERS! 



  • Potential Partner Programs - Pitching for Participants (AND Partners / Program Coordinators!)...
    CoFounderator.comtheSWANstartup.com | StarterStartups.com | MarketingWhatever.com | ViralWhatever.com | StartupsForStudents.com | SummerStartups.com | StartupsForSingles.com / StartupsWithinStartups.com | SaturdaySundayStartups.com | ConsultingWithoutContracts.com | DoesItAlreadyExist.com | MultipleBasketStartups.com PitchingForPartners.com |
  •  17Startups.com | (more?!?)


    AudioWhatever.comA huge collection of viral Audio Content, much of which originally existed on dial-in Humor Hotline phone numbers that collectively received 475+ MILLION phone calls as part of a successful 7-figure viral content startup that sold off assets and shut down in 2013). But the content is now being re-purposed and re-launched as part of AudioWhatever.com (via StartupWhatever.com programs)... 
      • 12+ FREE Humor Hotlines
      • 12+ Premium Humor Hotlines
      • Custom or Personalized Hotlines (w/ Programmable Voice & SMS Functionality)
      • 12+ FREE MP3 Downloads
      • 12+ Premium MP3 Downloads
      • 12+ AudioWTF.com Micro-Sites
      • 12+ AudioWhatever Content/Category Sites (each with 12+ Audio content tracks)
      • 12+ Audio Embeds used as (hopefully-viral-)marketing for other "Whatever Network" products/sites. 
      • All 300+ tracks of "Audio Whatever" content on SoundCloud (organization/optimization needed)
      • COMING SOON: All 300+ tracks of "Audio Whatever" content to be made available (via a service like TuneCore) to: iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc.


    NOTE: For the record, NO, we do NOT think a Tshirt Brand is a good startup idea these days! (Saturated market, no barriers to entry, etc.) Wait, what?! Then why are you doing it?? 

     with sites like TeeSpring.com, TeePublic.com, SpreadShirt.com, and Shopify/Printful (which allow you to literally create an online shop and add products in a matter of hours with literally no prior experience), we believe that creating an online tshirt brand/shop is a great starter startup / practice project - as well as a great testing/learning opportunity to A-B test Digital Marketing tactics, Social Media Marketing, and/or any of our MarketingWhatever.com projects and programs.
      • 12+ Tshirt Brands/Categories (EACH with 12+ Original Shirt Designs - and EACH looking for entrepreneurial partners to run them!)...
        WordyShirty.com ~ LivingTheStartupDream.com ~ WordToYourStartup.com ~ WorstTshirtDesignerEver.com ~ YouHaveSomethingOnYourShirt.com ~ aBarbecueStainOnMyWhiteTshirt.com ~ ConfusingShirts.com ~ SpelingShirts.com ~ MoistShirts.com ~ FillInTheBlankShirts.com ~ theRinshirt.com ~ BibleBlock.com ~ WingDingShirt.com ~ WhatTheHellAreYouLookingAt.com ~ LookMeInTheEyes.com ~ DefinitionShirts.com ~ ShartShirt.com ~ MyShartDontStink.com ~ HashtagHoodie.com ~ WalkoffSeason.com ~ DavidOrtees.com ~  ItLooksLikeaDuck.com ~ ItQuacksLikeaDuck.com ~ ImakePoop.com
      • NOTE: For the record, NO, we do NOT think a Tshirt Brand is a good startup idea these days! (Saturated market, no barriers to entry, etc.) The above brands and designs are A) intended to be products-as-content / content-as-marketing and B) intended to be good startup simulation practice projects and/or testing/learning opportunities to A-B test various Digital Marketing tactics, Social Media Marketing strategies, and/or any of our MarketingWhatever.com projects and programs.
      • P.S. We also have several NEW ("ReThinkingWhatever.com") creative spins on the traditional Tshirt model that could have some good viral potential -- be sure to ask about these; we're just not posting these concepts online until they're ready... 


    12 CheapFunWhatever.com "Re-Purposed, Re-Imagined, Re-Marketed" Products (each with some corresponding new social movement / context / reason - for HOW and WHY to use/share/etc.) 

      • LifeFouls.com
      • ConfusingStuff.com
      • GoodLuckStuff.com
      • TheZikaZapper.com
      • JustTheTipJar.com
      • YouGotCarded.com
      • Motivacelets.com / Inspiracelets.com
      • SoManyRedFlags.com
      • MotivationMarks.com
      • (Note to self - add later: Midfing, Coins, Timely, BBB? ONSK? - and more)
    • 12 DollarWhatever.com $1.00 items


    • 12+ CardWhatever.com Categories/Collections (YouGotCarded.com, ConfusingCards.com, CauseCards.org, etc.),
    • 12+ individual CardWhatever.com micro-sites (ConfessionCard.com, ShoeHornCard.com, RejectionCard.com, etc.),
    • ... all resulting in 100+ varieties of cards/designs


    • 12 CharityWhatever.com Viral Fundraisers and/or 12 MonthlyMovements.com Social Movements (possibly overlapping - but all using our ViralWhatever.com experience/expertise for Social Good!)
      • RandomJobsOfKindness.com
      • [TBA: Make-A-Wish Foundation concept] (2)
      • [TBA: Multiple Cancer Charities]
      • March of Dimes fundraiser concept: AprilOfDimes.com?
      • Kindness project (multiple)
      • (Multiple Causes project)
      • FreeUmbrellas.org
      • 60SecondsThatWillSaveLives.com
      • ColorAmerica.org / ColorUSA.org
      • CauseCards.org
      • CharityWhatever.com / MonthlyMovements.com
      • (Jeff - add the rest later - causes, cards, coins, etc.)

    • 12 PhoneWhatever.com Services
      • CallMyLostPhone.com
      • ChristmasDialer.com
      • ReminderDialer.com
      • WakeupDialer.com
      • ReminderDialer.com
      • HumorHotlines.com / RejectionHotline.com / SorryWrongNumber.com

      • Note to Twilio/Plivo developers (or someone who wants to manage a freelance Twilio/Plivo developer) - Among our many phone-related ideas/domains, we also have: announcementcalls.com, betherightcallerandwin.com, breakupdialer.com, callforluck.com, callsofkindness.com, calltoconfess.com, comedydialer.com, commenthotline.com, commentnumber.com, hogwartshotline.com, humorcalls.com, humorhotlines.com, interventioncalls.com, interventionhotline.com, invitecalls.com, maybenumber.com, musicdialer.com, newscalls.com, randomcalls.com, randomcallsofkindness.com, randomhotlines.com, randomtextsofkindness.com, rejectionhotline.com, screennumber.com, sorrywrongnumber.com, spoofdialer.com, textdialer.com, textmessageroulette.com, textmycellphone.com, textroulette.com, textsofkindness.com, thankyoucalls.com, therejectionhotline.com, trumphotline.com, venthotline.com, voicemaildialer.com, 555alternative.com  
    • ImageWhatever.com
      12+ Useful / Life Hack Images
      12+ Joke/Prank/Humor-Related Images
      12+ Images to accompany other "Whatever Network" ventures (MyResponseIs.com, DefinitionsDelivered.com, many shirts/cards content as images, etc.)

    • 12+ Immature or R-Rated concepts (from my younger days that I'm not super-proud of anymore and kinda want to just sell off to someone else and disassociate myself from - including the original RejectionHotline.com)

    • 12 ViralWhatever.com Themes/Challenges (Money as Motivation, The Dollar Store, Pennies, Nothing, Sh*t, Tats, Tributes to Past Viral Phenomena, etc.)

    • 12 DoesThisAlreadyExist.com / ConsultingWithoutContracts.com / PitchingForPartners.com ideas/concepts


      • 12 ViralWhatever.com Essays (Prior to teaching the classes/workshops, these 12 essays/blogs will have to do for now)
      • 12 Rationales for this whole "Whatever Network" plan
      • 12 Things I Really Suck At
      • 12 People (Types of People) I'd love to have working for us - even just nights/weekends and/or as little as  ~5 hours/week!)
      • 12 Open Letter Experiment Letters
      • 12 MarketingWhatever.com Tactics / Channels / Programs
      • 12 Projects/Tasks I'd love someone to waltz in my office and just take care of
      • 12 StartupsWithinStartups.com 50-50 Profit-Split Projects to Pitch
      • 12 Iam80d.com / IamADD.com ("WTF is all this") explanation essays

      NOTE (TO SELF?) - I really hope nobody is actually reading all this... this page kinda just turned into my A.D.D. roadmap / content list... definitely incomplete, disorganized, etc. ... If anyone is actually here, you can click here to go back to StartupWhatever.com

      StartupWhatever.com part of TheWhateverNetwork.com
      Random / Notes to Self:

      1-Star: Individual Pieces of Content 
      (Ex: 250+ AudioWhatever.com MP3s, 250+ HumorHotlines.com Phone Numbers, 250+ TshirtWhatever.com Shirt Designs, 250+ CardWhatever.com Card Designs)
      2-Star: Categories/Collections of (multiple pieces) of Content and/or Micro-sites (Domains) for Individual 1-Star Content Concepts 
        2.5-Star: Our Secondary (not Top-12) XxxxxxxWhatever.com Parent Sites

      Potentially-Big IDEA+++ Concepts (the ones that ViralWhatever.com has determined to have 10x better-than-average potential to go viral and/or generate 6-figure revenue)
        3.5-Star: Our Primary (Top-12) Top-Level XxxxxxxWhatever.com Parent Sites
      More Traditional Tech Startups / Likely to require funding and/or specialized skills and/or more than a part-time team.
        4.5-Star: Already-Viral and/or Fully-Functional and/or new partners have already come on board so additional negotiations will likely be necessary.
      5-Star: The entire "Whatever Network" - I'd be crazy not to at least listen to anyone who wanted to run (or acquire?) it all!

      EXAMPLE:  AudioWhatever.com...

      AudioWhatever.com Content: 300+ individual audio tracks (MP3s and/or Humor Hotlines)

      AudioWhatever.com Categories:  AudioHaHa.com, AudioAwesome.com, HolidayHaHa.com, JustThoughtYouShouldKnow.com, AudioHonesty.com, FYImessage.com, AudioComments.com, AudioTimers.com.com, (MyResponseIs.com - Audio + Video + Images)... OTHER: RejectionHotline.com, HumorHotlines.com, AudioWTF.com microsites

      AudioWhatever.com Micro-Sites: (Samples / not all are up yet)  60SecondsThatWillSaveLives.com | AdviceBeforeDates.com | BreakingUpIsEasyToDo.com (BreakupBitch.com? BreakupButler.com?) | HogwartsAdmissions.com | DailyLifeCheck.com | DrunkAlex.com ItCouldAlwaysSuckMore.com | ListenForLuck.com | PissedOffPoet.com |

      AudioWhatever.com - Program Projects:

      • Pick, Promote, imProve (Presentation), Plan, Prioritize, Present, and Profit from 1 of:
        • 12+ FREE Humor Hotlines 
        • 12+ Premium Humor Hotlines 
        • 12+ FREE MP3 Downloads 
        • 12+ Premium MP3 Downloads 
        • 12+ AudioWTF.com Micro-Sites 
        • 12+ AudioWhatever Content/Category Sites


      Similar Outlines (content, categories, micro-sites, cross-promotional opportunities, etc.) will exist for MOST XxxxxxxWhatever.com categories:


      AudioWhatever.com, CheapFunWhatever.com, CardWhatever.com, CoinWhatever.com, CharityWhatever.com,  DollarWhatever.com, ImageWhatever.com, VideoWhatever.com, PhoneWhatever.com, RelationshipWhatever.com, TshirtWhatever.com, ReThinkingWhatever.com, ViralWhatever.com, MarketingWhatever.com, PrankWhatever.com / HumorWhatever.com, MiscellaneousWhatever.com, SportsWhatever.com, StartupWhatever.com, MonthlyWhatever.com, TheWhateverNetwork.com 


      What IS a "startup"?
      "Rejection Hotline"? - The Product? The Brand? The Content?
      "Humor Hotlines"? - The collection of many products/brands?
      "Audio Whatever"? - The bigger collection/category of multiple collections?
      "The WHATEVER Network"? - The parent company that owns/operates many different categories of collections of products/services/content/brands/etc.? 

      Spoiler Alert: It doesn't matter! A startup could be any of these, all of these, or none of these! Words and labels and organizational structure shouldn't necessarily imply of limit anything more or less than you want it to... 

      What IS a "startup"?
      "The Lucky Penny"?
      "Coin Whatever"?
      "Cheap Fun Whatever"?
      "The WHATEVER Network"?

      What IS a "startup"?
      "RelationshipWhatever.com"? / "ReThinkingWhatever.com"?
      "The WHATEVER Network"?

      What IS a "startup"?
      "The WHATEVER Network.com"?



      - What if we think of "Startups as Products" and "Products as Content" and "Content as Marketing"?

      - What if we use Profits As Perks (All employees have a set of brands/products/designs that they personally get 50% of profits from? Selected via Fantasy Sports-style draft?)


      - All team members will begin with equal profit-sharing (so a team of 4 will split profits 25% each)?
      - ONE of your team's profit-sharing partners is [StartupWhatever.com / ViralWhatever.com / Jeff G.]?
      [[Optionally - We may decide to give half of the SW/VW/JG shares to a pool shared by all program participants in that session so there is a community incentive to share resources and help each other because you will all get a share of the profits from the top-performing teams!)

      - Profits run for the duration of the program plus 30 days after the program's conclusion. HOWEVER, all participants will be given the opportunity to negotiate to continue participation (and profit-sharing) beyond the end of the program!


      [EXAMPLE - In regard to size of projects to give various partners based on abilities - i.e. experienced entrepreneurs vs. inexperienced interns?]

      • CardWhatever.com: The entire network of "ReThinking Cards" Content & Concepts???
      • Categories/Collections within the CardWhatever.com network (YouGotCarded.com, ConfusingCards.com, CauseCards.org, etc.)???
      • Individual Card Micro-sites (ConfessionCard.com, ShoeHornCard.com, RejectionCard.com, etc.)???
      • Individual Card Concepts (100+ varieties: funny? fyi messages? motivation/perspective? etc.) to market individually via Social Media (with or without promo/discount codes?)??


      ~10 years ago, I made a big entrepreneurial epiphany - and bought the explanatory domain name IamNOTaCEO.com - I fired myself as CEO of my own company and within a year, we were a 7-figure company.  It's now 10 years later, and I believe another set of epiphanies will lead me to another level of entrepreneurial success... this time I bought the explanatory domain name IamADD.com. I believe I might be the most ADD Entrepreneur in the world - but I'll settle for the the most ADD Entrepreneur in Atlanta. Why would I be boasting about that? Well, because I think ADD gets a bad wrap. And, while at times I have thought of my ADD as a curse, I truly believe that IF I can harnass it properly, that it can be a blessing, rather than a curse...