18 Startups (in 2018) - INTRO/INFO

Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, we plan to launch 18 Startups (in 2018) - all based on some "ReThinkingStartups.com Ideas and Strategies" including but not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness
  • Complementary Co-Founders
  • Recognition of many TYPES of Startups (and their respective pros/cons)... 
    • These 18 Startups will be primarily B2C and will at least START as Low-Risk "Starter Startups" - started quickly, inexpensively, and with PART-time commitments (prior to Proof of Concept and/or Product-Market-Fit)... and with INITIALLY-modest goals of 6-figures to $1 Million -- not $10 Million, not $100 Million, and not "let's build a Billion-Dollar Unicorn!"
  • The many benefits of "Multiple Basket Startups" (shared resources, economies of scale, a cross-promotional network effect -- and
    • Worst case scenarios of "failed startups" in this model is simply becoming "content" or "marketing" or "lead-generation" for other "Whatever Network" startups - while also serving as (low-risk) experience/learning/training for entrepreneurs and A-B testing, market-research, customer-discovery for the team. [We also plan to have some kind of profit-sharing across the various ventures of the Network to encourage the community/team approach to sharing of resources and knowledge.]
    • A $10 Million Startup is a huge success if the goal was $1 Million; while a $10 Million Startup is a huge failure if they'd already taken $50 Million in Funding at a $250 Million valuation, with a goal of being a Billion-Dollar Unicorn. #Perspective
  • Part-time Proof of Concept
  • Some intangible "Idea+++ secret sauce" provided by ~15 years of "ViralWhatever.com" experience
  • Some tangible marketing assets, including a portfolio of proven-viral content and a database of 1.8 MILLION fans of our (past/present/future) "Rejection Hotline / Humor Hotlines" business - all of whom are legally subscribed (MMA-compliant, double-opt-in process) who have requested to receive updates from us when we launch new stuff!

Our 18 STARTUPS are currently Pitching For Partners (and some may be run/launched as part of one of our ReThinkingStartups.com Improvement Initiatives such as: www.theSWANstartup.com, www.StarterStartups.com, www.StartupsForStudents.com, www.StartupsWithinStartups.com, www.CoFounderator.com www.MarketingWhatever.com, www.ViralWhatever.com). NOTE: All of those aforementioned programs are currently seeking Program Participants AND Program Coordinators, Directors, Co-Founders, Whatever!

More Info Coming Soon.


INTRO INFO (Rough Overview)


- Let's not get hung up on definitions... Some of these will be more traditional "tech startups", some will be closer to "side hustles" or "lifestyle businesses", some are just viral (or potentially-viral) content micro-sites or marketing campaigns...
- Videos below are each only 15 seconds, just quick concept teasers. Contact us for more details - business models, revenue streams, existing assets, marketing plans, premises and viral principles.**
- This page is basically just invite-only right now, but I removed the password-protection because I guess I don't really care if others stumble upon it. 
- You will NOT like all the concepts below! Just scroll until you find one you like- and CONTACT US if you find one you LOVE and want to be a part of it! Honestly, for most, we might even make you a 50-50 partner!

** You will not necessarily understand WHY we believe a given venture has strong viral potential - but talk to us and we can try to explain. Note: MOST VIRAL STUFF SOUNDS ABSURD PRIOR TO GOING VIRAL. Very few people believed our Humor Hotlines would receive millions of calls (or that we could turn those calls into dollars (and we did). Very few people believed "Get Over It Day" would take off (until it was Good Morning America and ESPN)... [we have MANY examples - visit www.ViralWhatever.com for much more on our viral experience/expertise]

Definition Note: We use the simple term "Viral Whatever" to avoid constantly writing out: "viral videos, viral audio, viral images, viral emails, viral trends, viral memes, viral ideas, viral news, viral challenges, viral meda, etc."


As part of "Startup Whatever" and "The Whatever Network", EACH "Starter Startup" will benefit from economies of scale, shared resources (including our 1.8 Million opt-in mobile subscribers), a cross-promotional network effect, and other “ReThinkingStartups.com Strategies” (as well as some proprietary "ViralWhatever.com IDEA+++ Methodologies" that have contributed to our 40+ viral hits with a collective reach of 475+ Million people!). And we believe each of these "Starter Startups" can be launched a) quickly, b) inexpensively, c) with only PART-TIME commitments!

(NEEDS: Whatever you are GREAT at! We have opportunities for: Product/Project/Program Managers, Designers, Developers, Digital Marketers, Social Media, Hustlers/Grinders... CEOs, CTOs, COOs & Co-Founders!)


Background: The Rejection Hotline® and 300+ other "Humor Hotlines" received more than 475 MILLION phone calls in a ~10 year period, making RH Brands, LLC a profitable 7-figure business for ~5 years until 2012 [long story, involving Verizon, AT&T, and changes in the mobile-marketing industry] when we made the difficult decision to sell our 2500+ phone numbers and shut down the company in 2013. However, much of that viral audio content is being re-purposed for new distribution channels and is poised for a re-launch, via new platforms, with new business models, as part of AudioWhatever.com.  


[MANY more details to share - but, important to note that we still have access to (and MMA-compliant permission to announce new content to) our 1.4 Million fans... We can explain more to potential partners!]

#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!

CardWhatever.com / YouGotCarded.com

A:  Re-Thinking GREETING CARDS (the size and cost)...

B) "Business Cards" as a content canvas:

T-shirts are the most common canvas for commercialized creative expression... But, what if there was another canvas for creative commercial expression that was 1000x cheaper and easier to produce? 1000x lighter in weight for shipping? That fit easily in pockets, wallets, purses, and was easily distributed (as a hand-out, a leave-behind, slid under a door or into a locker, etc.)?   

Humor, Art, Social Movements, FYI Messages, Political Statements, Random Nonsense, Inspiration/Motivation... anything you've seen on t-shirts (or online image memes?!), we're gonna put it on cards! Will they ALL catch on and/or go viral? Of course not! But we're pretty good at creating/understanding viral content - and we can distribute a THOUSAND cards, for the same cost as ONE Tshirt! And every card is simultaneously: the product, the content, AND the marketing - ALL IN ONE!

CardWhatever.com - Happy Birthday MINI-cards

Daily Dose of Cuteness (CardWhatever.com)

CardWhatever.com - "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Cards:




YouGotCarded.com - "Happy Hump Day" Video A:

YouGotCarded.com - "Happy Hump Day" Video B:


100+ Varieties Ready For Launch (100,000+ cards in physical inventory)... 100+ More (Better!) Designs Coming Soon -- IN NEED OF DESIGNER PARTNER/CO-FOUNDER!
Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!



Short Story: Confuse your friends by sending them CONFUSING STUFF in the mail - starting at only $1.00!

Longer Story (feel free to skip)... You may have heard of the recent "Ship Your Enemies Glitter" trend that went viral recently (a glitter bomb would explode in their face, in their car, in their house, wherever they opened the package). It went viral for many reasons - it would take me several pages to explain it all - but, it was more "hear about it and tell people about it" viral, rather than "hear about it then buy it / do it/ use it" viral. Because, it is the IDEA of people doing this that is funny enough to give the telling/sharing part of it a viral coefficient greater than 1 (meaning it's viral), but the REALITY is is that it's a little mean and there are some logistical reasons why MOST people are not actually likely to buy/use/send the service, so the viral coefficient for actual users is less than 1 (not viral) even though it was definitely viral via media coverage.

[Note: I'm very familiar with this phenomenon because I created the Rejection Hotline many years ago, it went viral, received tons of media coverage and millions of calls, from people who wanted to hear the funny message - because the IDEA of it was funny. The REALITY was that 99% of callers were NOT being rejected, they were just calling for the laugh.]

Anyway, that's a long intro to the fact that I think there is an opportunity for a service where people can still screw with their friends, but in a funny/random/confusing way, not a mean way... by sending CONFUSING STUFF to elicit a response of "WTF?! What is this confusing stuff?? And who sent me this confusing stuff?!"

ConfusingStuff.com#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!


Some of our "Startup Whatever" principles and strategies include putting multiple horses in the race, A-B testing, pivoting before you're forced to, taking advantage of economies of scale and shared resources. SO, if we're already putting ConfusingStuff.com out there, why not test a virtually IDENTICAL model with a totally different name, different purpose, etc... Almost EVERYTHING would be the same (the e-commerce site, the orders and packaging and mailing, the digital marketing, the social media, etc.) - so it costs almost nothing to launch & test... 

Send some "Good Luck Stuff" by mail to a friend or relative who might need a little luck!

#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!



For just $100.00 $10.00 $1.00 you can claim a minute, sponsor a minute, dedicate a minute, gift a minute... whatever you want to call it, that minute can officially be YOURS... FOREVER!!!

Remember, there are only...

525,600 Minutes!

(so act fast!)

(Contact Jeff@StartupWhatever.com to discuss)


Short Story:  I've gotten pretty good over the years at creating concepts and content that go viral and resonate with large audiences. Admittedly, some of my stuff has been kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, etc.  My plan for 2017 and beyond is to channel some of my creative abilities to create some "Viral Whatever" that has a positive impact on society... MANY new "CHARITY WHATEVER" endeavors coming soon!

NOTE: I've always been planning on donating (a minimum of) 10% of all profits (from all "Whatever Network" sites!) to various charities. But, since I can never do anything the normal way, here's how I'm thinking we're determining some of the charities so it ALSO helps us recruit great partners...  We are going to let our partners/employees for each venture be the one(s) to decide which charity the profits go to. So, if you work with us you are ALSO raising money for YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY! (more details soon / contact us to discuss

Longer Story: (Blog entry coming soon on what led to these epiphanies) 

#PartnersNeeded -- particularly if you're passionate about a particular charity and/or making a positive impact on society in general!


(Overview coming soon - skip this one for now or contact Jeff@StartupWhatever.com to discuss)


CharityWhatever.com notes: Because of the idea of throwing pennies in a wishing well, I always associate "pennies" with "wishes"... So, we are currently planning to donate a portion of proceeds to [a well-known charity that grants wishes to kids with life-threatening conditions - but apparently we can't use their name until we finalize the details... and I can neither confirm nor deny that it rhymes with "Take a Dish" Foundation] --- (more details soon! / contact us to discuss! 

#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!


Short Story: We will have representatives nationwide giving away hundreds (and then hopefully thousands) of FREE UMBRELLAS - to people who get stuck (wherever) without an umbrella on a rainy days... The umbrella is totally FREE - but it will be tagged with a sticker or card suggesting anyone who really appreciates the free umbrella can visit FreeUmbrellas.org to make a donation to (TBD charity) to Pay It Forward! 

Be sure to ask us about our big-picture scaling plans for this one if/when we discuss further!

#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!


JobsOfKindness.com - Video A:

JobsOfKindness.com - Video B:
#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!



If interested, 2-Minute Product Demo
If not, just keep scrolling :)

#PitchingForPartners - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!



Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!



Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!


(Inspiration, Motivation, Reminders... Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis... Visualization... Subliminal Messaging... )
    MotivationMarks.com - The S.H.I.T. Spot!
    Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!



    Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!


    Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!


    12+ TShirtWhatever.com Brands 
    Each with 12+ Original Designs...
    Each Managed by 12+ StartupWhatever.com Entrepreneurs...
    Please ignore aesthetics and just focus on content/ideas for now. #DesignerNeeded :)
    NOTE: For the record, NO, we do NOT think a Tshirt Brand is a good startup idea these days! (Saturated market, no barriers to entry, etc.) Wait, what?! Then why are you doing it?? 

    depending on what the goals are, we believe there are some great opportunities to apply some ReThinkingStartups.com strategies to Tshirt startups... (I can explain much more to potentially interested partners, but, a few thoughts:
    - What if we think of "Startups as Products" and "Products as Content" and "Content as Marketing"?
    - What if we use Profits As Perks (All employees have a set of brands/products/designs that they personally get 50% of profits from? Selected via Fantasy Sports-style draft?)
    - What if we apply some ViralWhatever.com creativity principles to re-think common products... 

    • Simple concept (a collection of single-word shirt designs), but a few differentiating creative twists...
    • Submit/Vote to Update the List of Words for next month?
    • And/or pay extra - $5? $10? - for your CUSTOM word? 
    • Perhaps each of the featured words/shirts (20? 69? 100?) has a "Brand Ambassador" who we simply give $1.00 to for each shirt sold? (Updated monthly?)
    • Perhaps each of the featured words/shirts has a corresponding charity who we simply give $1.00 to for each shirt sold?
    • SEVERAL other spins... Duplicate the exact same model (economies of scale, shared resources, etc.), but the words might look a little different:

    Nobody will know what your shirt says... Unless you tell them... Or unless they are fluent in WingDings font!

    Crayola has spent millions perfecting their Washable line of markers, crayons, paints...
    So clothing isn't ruined when kids accidentally get marker, crayon, paint on their clothes...
    Crayola-WASHABLEReThinkingStartups.com & ViralWhatever.com ask:
    "Accidentally? Great, but why not ALSO create movements where it is INTENTIONALLY used on clothing??"

    ColorWhatever.com and CreateCustomStuff.com

    - Contact Us for more info or to potentially work with us on any of our stuff!

    GetOverItDay.com (plus LetItGoDay.com & PerspectiveDay.com)

    As seen on Good Morning America, ESPN SportsCenter, and 1000 media outlets wordwide... has reached an estimated 17 million people...
    GetOverItDay.com on GoodMorningAmericaGetOverItDay.com on ESPN

    But then Jeff kinda forgot about it - wtf?! - so it is definitely due for a re-launch.... "Get Over It Day" has reached an estimated 17 million people to date - and that reach could be doubled, tripled, or more with a strategic re-launch and the additions of LetItGoDay.com and PerspectiveDay.com... Ask Jeff to explain more!


    • CheckTheLid.com - Coming soon: The secret to why you occasionally spill coffee on your shirt

    • StickerWhatever.com - Low cost, high potential exposure (and virality)... For the tiny cost of STICKERS, let's take shots at re-branding MANY different things:

      A) The Zika Zapper - We didn't invent electric bug zapper rackets, we just think we have a cool, relevant way to re-brand, re-market them:

      B) Pollen Protection?
      Pollen Protection

      C) JustTheTipJar.com - Guaranteed to Improve tips by 400% or more - at bars, take-out counters, smoothie jobs, etc. - with just a sticker!!!

    • HaHaHate.com

    • EggsAsBread.com / UseEggsAsBread.com
    • SOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE!!!! Please talk to us, work with us, and/or come run one/some of our "Viral Whatever!"


    We fully realize this is an unprecedented (and ridiculous?) approach to starting startups. BUT, with a ~99% failure rate, it's not like the state of startups today is a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...  If the results of the current/normal/traditional way is that 19 out of 20 startups will fail - despite 20 out of 20 optimistically (naively?) BELIEVING they will succeed! - then why would we NOT consider RE-Thinking Startups?!? 

    Regardless, we are looking forward to connecting with potential partners who see some validity in any of the Thoughts & Theories that led to this new approach and/or some of the individual startup concepts outlined above...


    Contact Us for more info or to discuss potentially working with us on any of the startups above!

    MUCH MORE - Additional Info, Thoughts/Theories, Philosophies, etc.

    Note: If you stumble upon this and still see this text here, it means I haven't come back to proof-read/edit/organize it all... feel free to keep reading, but you've been warned :)




    Some key premises behind this plan -- and types of people we're looking for:

    [Everything below this line is mostly just for me (Jeff) - a place to put stuff so I don't forget it]
    Square images for when/if I get around to creating a Startup Whatever instagram...

  • EXPERTS ... when your full-time job (or your primary startup!) has given you experience/expertise in a given area (Digital Marketing? Social Media Management? Shopify Store Management? Graphic Design? Whatever!), you are now able to do better work in a more efficient manner (the time-wasting learning curves are minimized) and you can (should?) be simultaneously pursuing multiple opportunities! (Don't put all your eggs in one basket - Diversify your portfolio just like investors do!)
  • FIRST-TIMERS... So you've got the interest, energy, passion, hustle, etc. to be an entrepreneur but either don't have an idea you're excited about (or you've realized or are starting to realize that your original idea isn't going to make it?)?  PLEASE COME TALK TO US! 
  • Depending on several factors (your skill-set and time-commitment, size of the initial team, success/traction of the initial proof-of-concept MVP, etc.), compensation will consist of some combination of the following:
    Revenue-Share or Percentage of Profits... Real Co-Founder Equity... Experience, Learning, Fun, etc.  
    [Note: Please don't assume the opportunities below are not worth your time because you'd likely only be given a "normal" (nominal) amount of equity. There is nothing "normal" about our approach to Startups! We'd give away 50% (or more!) of any/all of these ventures on DAY 1 to the right partner!]
  • In MOST cases, we are NOT looking for employees. We are looking for PARTNERS. We are not paying you. Because this isn't "a job". You are not working FOR us. You are working WITH us. We are looking for PARTNERS. We are looking for ENTREPRENEURS. We just happen to look at entrepreneurship a little differently than most people - and we believe there are many opportunities to be REthinkingStartups(.com)
  • We are looking for entrepreneurs who are open to looking at startups a little differently, to questioning some common practices that might not actually be right for certain types of startups...

  • The definition of "entrepreneur" does not mention anything about "full-time".
  • We believe that MANY people would like to be entrepreneurs - would like to be founders, would like to have the opportunity to financially benefit from the success of a business...
  • But we also know that for MANY of these people, that's not an option because they can't afford the risks that are normally associated with entrepreneurship.
  • We have seen MANY reasons why MOST startups fail - and we're going to change things up a little.  
  • All of this is a HUGE experiment... it likely won't go as smoothly as we anticipate... perhaps, we've underestimated how many people will be intrigued by this whole concept... perhaps we've underestimated how many people are open to being entrepreneurs if it's not an idea that the came up with (that's a genuine concern... for as much as I am convinced that a big part of startup failures is because "non-idea-people" are pursuing their ideas, I also recognize that, for better or worse, some of the entrepreneurial passion comes from the fact that "it's my idea"... Ego drives a lot of entrepreneurs - and that's ok... but, if there must be an "I" in it, we're looking for entrepreneurial partners who will be able to take as much pride in "I built it", "I ran it", "I marketed it", "I scaled it", "I monetized it", etc. - and who don't care about whether or not they can say "I came up with the idea for it"...
  • StartupWhatever.com CREATIVE PERKS:
    The first 10 StartupWhatever.com Partners get to pick:
    A) At least one TshirtWhatever.com brand that you will personally receive 50% of profits from.
    B) At least one YouGotCarded.com card that you will personally receive 50% of profits from.
    C) At least one CheapFunWhatever.com product that you will personally receive 50% of profits from.
    D) Choose the CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE that one of our startups will be donating a portion of profits to - via our CharityWhatever.com initiative.