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Most of our stuff is still a work in progress... Surprisingly, telephones CAN still make phone calls!

Find Your Phone!

Ever misplaced your phone? Just enter your phone number (from a computer or a friend's phone) and this site will call you - so you can hear your phone ring (behind the couch? under the seat of your car?) and find it!

FREE Wakeup Calls!

Because hotels are NOT the only time/place that you might need/want a wakeup call!
Try it out and set one now for tomorrow morning - FOR FREE!

FREE Calls From Santa!
(to be sent to kids)

Whether it's to incentivize kids to be good or just to see their excitement when Santa calls, it's never too early in the year to use - especially to remind them that Santa is watching ALL year - not just in December! is a fun site that allows users to SEND calls to your friends' phones with a variety of audio pranks, jokes, and other content (that the recipient will hopefully find funny or useful).

And, of course, a list of our "Phone Whatever" wouldn't be complete without mentioning...