Shape Art!

How many pieces of art do you own? How many were created by a ROBOT ARTIST using a complex machine-based learning algorithm in which millions of shapes are arbitrarily thrown against a canvas over and over again in various combinations and permutations until the resulting creation magically resembles the original "inspiration photo"?
[Editor's Note: We really hope the answer is zero - otherwise we just wasted a lot of time and money creating something that already exists!]


1) Send us the photo you want our "Robot Artist" to turn into Shape-Art
2) Choose your shape(s) -- circles, rectangles, triangles, all shapes, or "surprise me"
3) Choose the style: Abstract (100's of shapes), Photo-Realistic (1000's of shapes), or pick the EXACT number of shapes (100 to 10,000)

4) Our ROBOT ARTIST gets to work and creates a 100% original/unique piece of SHAPE ART - as well as the information about exactly how many shapes were used to make it - and you can do whatever you want with it!

(Get it printed on a box of 100 pocket-sized/pass-around art cards, create a wall-art poster or huge tapestry, or just do what most people do and share the image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, wherever!)



[Note: Since there is no "minimum wage" for our ROBOT ARTIST, this might literally be the most incredibly-priced deal in the history of HISTORY!]