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I'm probably not going to get around to launching half my ideas - and many of them are likely better for an existing company than a new startup anyway. So I'm toying with the idea of some an "Open Letter Experiment" where we pitch "Consulting Without Contracts" and just kinda ask for companies to abide by an honor system - if our ideas make you lots of money, we'd like you to give us 25% of whatever you think it's worth, give 25% to the 501c3 non-profit charity of your choice, and keep the remaining 50% as additional profits for your company!  (You want to drop those numbers from 25% to 20%? That's up to you. From 25% to 10%? That's your call. Lower than that? I guess that's your prerogative - you can do what you want to do. #BB)  

Crayola - You've spent millions of dollars perfecting your washable line of markers, crayons, paints, etc. for when kids ACCIDENTALLY get it on their clothes (comes off perfectly in the wash!)... I believe you're missing a multi-million-dollar opportunity to encourage the INTENTIONAL use of this washable line on clothing!

AirBnB - Why only renting by the night (and sticking roughly to hotel hours)? Two suggestions:
1) I believe there is a market for people who, at all hours, just need a place to shower, to take a nap, to use wi-fi or charge devices, to meditate, to get out of extreme weather (heat, cold, rain, snow) for a few hours, etc. etc.
2) Somewhat related... co-working spaces are obviously very popular these days. And many people find them quite affordable and/or enjoy being around that co-working environment. But, for others, the traditional co-working space might be too expensive (particularly for a small team of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 people!).  If you think about what you need in a co-working space - wi-fi, comfortable seating, a bathroom, maybe a fridge, a microwave, a tv - those are all things that the average person's apartment/condo/house has... and the average person is not at home 10+ hours a day!

ProMove? Any existing company or new startup even remotely related to the residential rental market.... 

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