Project Idea - Trading Cards...

Posted by Jeff Goldblatt on

  • Inspired by Baseball Cards (and all other trading cards - pokemon, magic, etc.) as well as this:
    Inspiration For New Initiative
  • Potential categories to start...  Art? Photography? Facts? Jokes? Inspirational/Motivational? Information? Animals? History? States? Countries? Models? Instagram stars? Startups! 
  • Initially business card sized - A) for cost reasons, B) easy to carry in wallet or biz card holder / easy to display in biz card holders
  • We sell specific cards for $1.00/each, 5 for $3.99, 10 for $4.99, 20 for $5.99, 50 for $7.49 
  • Random/Assorted cards (within a series?) for $1.00/each, 5 for $2.99, 10 for $3.99, 20 for $4.99, 50 for $6.99
  • If it is YOUR card (your photo, your artwork, your copyright, whatever), you get 250 cards for FREE, plus a 50% off promo code for any future orders of your cards


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