Potential Projects to run through the Starter Startups program...

Posted by Jeff Goldblatt on


Run all Starter Startups as A-B Tests or Challenges?!?  Competing While Collaborating While Competing?

Physical Products:
The Zika Zapper
Bad Breath Bag vs. Better Breath Bag vs. Bad Breath Box vs. Better Breath Box
GOID vs. Perspective vs. LetItGo
Individual pieces of audio content... custom hotline business... 
Individual shirt brands... 

Confusing Shirts - Customizable! Braille, WingDings, Binary, Morse
FillInTheBlankShirts - crayola markers, sharpie, stickers (nametags, i voted, etc.)

I admit - I don't have the hustle, grind, etc.  But I know how to coach the people who DO!

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